Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Flourish Prosper Belongs To The Yan Family

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“You don’t have to worry about your son,” Yan Rusheng replied in a positive note, “It doesn’t mean that I will sack your son if I buy your shares. If he’s capable, he can continue to soar to greater heights at the company. You can rest assured.”

He raised the cup to his lips and took a sip. He quietly glanced at Chairman Zhang, reading his every expression.

He watched as Chairman Zhang’s face turned from red to a delicate shade of green. A subtle mocking smile appeared on his face.

Chairman Zhang forced his voice back to politeness. “President Yan, this news is too sudden.”

“It isn’t sudden at all.” Yan Rusheng placed the cup down before looking at Chairman Zhang with a serious expression. “I’ve already brought Attorney Xiao over. The documents are all ready and once you agree, you may sign to seal the transfer of shares.”

The documents were all ready!

Chairman Zhang gnashed his teeth. He couldn’t smile anymore. “President Yan, are you coercing me to sign?”

However, Yan Rusheng sat still, composed and cool. He frowned as though he was being wronged. “Chairman Zhang, you’ve got the wrong idea. Why would I coerce you? I’m just discussing with you.”

He had arranged for an attorney, and more so, the documents were all ready. Wasn’t it coercion?

Perhaps it might have been better if Yan Rusheng didn’t pretend to be courteous and polite. Chairman Zhang was boiling with anger with how Yan Rusheng was acting. He was completely at Yan Rusheng’s mercy and this infuriated him.

His face fell. “What if I don’t agree?”

Yan Rusheng nodded. “Sure.”

His answer was too abrupt and casual that it made Chairman Zhang even more fearful. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion into Yan Rusheng’s shrewd-looking eyes.

As though he was trying to figure out what was on his mind.

Certainly, Young Master Yan wasn’t someone who others could easily read through. Chairman Zhang couldn’t understand him at all.

The silence stretched on for some time inside the room. Yan Rusheng smiled and broke the silence. “Chairman Zhang, your company seems to be in some trouble lately.”

Chairman Zhang could feel his hand trembling.

Yan Rusheng observed his reactions and grinned. “That’s expected as the management is too inexperienced.”

“You…” It stunned Chairman Zhang that he couldn’t utter a word. It was as if someone had their hands wrapped around his throat.

Yan Rusheng turned serious once more. “Your shares are still valuable right now, so I seriously think you should consider my proposal.”

This was the ultimatum.

Chairman Zhang was desperate and helpless, but he still wasn’t resigned to his fate. He snarled, “President Yan, you’re forcing me to sell my shares so you could increase your shares in rival to First Madam, right?”

Yan Rusheng’s malicious-looking eyes glinted, but his expression remained unchanged. “You just need to know this fact, Flourish & Prosper belongs to the Yan family.”

He delivered a clear and concise message.

Chairman Zhang clenched his fists, unwilling to yield to him but at the same time, fearful of his threats.

Yan Rusheng carried on, “You should learn to be a wise man who submits and adapts to circumstances. If you meet any trouble in the future, I, Yan Rusheng will help you if it’s within my ability. On account of my Grandmother, I will still do you this favor.”

Chairman Zhang sneered. “I would like to know how much President Yan is offering to pay for my shares.”

Yan Rusheng turned towards the door and yelled, “Attorney Xiao!”

He rushed in the second he heard Yan Rusheng. “President Yan.”

He walked to the couch and bowed to Yan Rusheng and Chairman Zhang.

Yan Rusheng instructed him, “Show Chairman Zhang the transfer of shares document.”

“Right away.” Attorney Xiao placed his briefcase on the coffee table and selected a document. He presented it to Chairman Zhang. “Chairman Zhang, please take a look.”