Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Of Course Well Continue

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Chairman Zhang stared at the cover of the document for a long time before he received it.

He didn’t peruse the contents carefully. Instead, he dived straight for the value of the shares before reading the rest.

He finished skimming through it. He was muttering to himself with clenched fists. After a while, he spoke, “President Yan is indeed generous. It seems that First Madam is posing a real threat to you this time.”

Mockery was clear in every word.

Anyway, he had fallen out with President Yan and he had forced him to sell his shares. He merely wanted an outlet to vent his anger.

“Seems like Chairman Zhang doesn’t understand me too well.” The corners of Yan Rusheng’s lips curled coldly.

He twiddled his fingers, playing with the porcelain cup. The menacing aura that Yan Rusheng emitted was enough to drown Chairman Zhang.

He heard rumors that the exposition of government officials was Yan Rusheng’s doing.

After a moment of deliberation, he decided not to push his luck any further. Otherwise, he might end up like those government officials.

As he picked up a pen to sign the document, he remained silent all throughout.

It caught Yan Rusheng in a surprise when he saw him signing the papers. He asked, “Don’t you need to discuss with your wife or son?”

Chairman Zhang nearly puked his blood out.

He was trembling violently with rage.

Discuss? Wasn’t the result the same regardless of discussing it or not? Would it even change anything?

Furthermore, the document was already ready, and it was a blatant display of coercion. Would he be able to leave if he doesn’t sign it there and then?

Yan Rusheng grinned and took the document. “Actually this contract was prepared long ago. Didn’t you notice the papers seemed rather yellowish?”

Then he moved the document nearer to Chairman Zhang’s nose. “Smell it. Is there a stench of aged paper?”

He had indeed prepared these documents the moment he took over the company. His plan all along was to monopolize and run Flourish & Prosper.

When Grandmother passed away, he halted his plans.

Attorney Xiao’s mouth twitched so violently that it was in danger of changing shape.

‘President, is this really a good idea?’ he thought, ‘Chairman Zhang was getting on in years and look at his face right now! He is as red as a pig’s liver.’

He had forgotten how to respect the elderly and cherish the young!

“President Yan, I have something on so I’ll make a move first.” Chairman Zhang swallowed and inhaled deeply. He rose and left in a huff.

Yan Rusheng savored his tea once more as he watched Chairman Zhang leave with a sly smile. His eyes were sparkling rather malevolently.

He averted his vision once Chairman Zhang disappeared from sight. He stared at the document and turned to Attorney Xiao. “Keep all the contracts.”

“Yes.” Attorney Xiao bent, and as he arranged the documents, he spoke rather hesitantly, “You’ve acquired five percent of Chairman Zhang’s shares. Next…”

Yan Rusheng answered, “Of course, we’ll continue.”

He was oozing with confidence.

Attorney Xiao nodded. “Indeed. We have to strike when the iron is hot.”

He paused briefly before carrying on. “But what do you intend to do with First Madam? First Madam seems determined this time.”

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips tightly, keeping mum.

His malicious-looking eyes seemed to fall into the depths of darkness.

After Su Yue bought the materials at the bookshop, she followed Ming Ansheng to his company. One worked while the other revised. It was nearly 5 in the afternoon.

Ming Ansheng rushed to send Su Yue home.

He drove into the district where the building was and stopped. Su Yue unfastened her seatbelt and opened the door.