Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Doesnt Get Tired Of Chicken Wings

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Su Yue casually glanced ahead. She smiled. “Brother Qi Lei.”

Her sweet voice sounded so happy.

Brother Qi Lei? Ming Ansheng, who was about to drive off, stole a glance through the rearview mirror. He saw Qi Lei holding a container.

He frowned. ‘Did this fellow make chicken wings for her again?’

Qi Lei made his way towards Su Yue, and he smiled shyly at her. Ming Ansheng, on the other hand, was still pondering. “Su Yue.”

He lifted the container to show her. “Your dinner.”

“Thank you.” Su Yue received the container and opened it eagerly. She caught a whiff of the delicious food and smiled—she looked so blissful. “It smells so nice. I’m starving right now.”

She rubbed her belly, and the smile turned into a mischievous grin.

Starving? Why didn’t she tell him? If she had told him, he would have brought her out for dinner!

He doesn’t have the tendency to torture children!

Ming Ansheng frowned, looking annoyed. He opened the door and got off his car.

Su Yue was already devouring a chicken wing and Qi Lei was teasing her. “You’re such a glutton. Can’t you wait until you get home?”

“Your chicken wings are nicer than Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Su Yue praised Qi Lei’s cooking.

Qi Lei bashfully smiled although it secretly pleased him that a pretty girl had praised him.

He nagged, “Hurry and go up.”

Both of them completely ignored Young Master Ming.

He watched them from a short distance away and they didn’t even offer him a glance.

‘Forget it,’ he thought. He shall overlook this and not be petty. He had sent her home and did Third Yan a favor. He wasn’t hoping to hear any gratitude from her.

Ming Ansheng felt much better and glanced at Su Yue. “Su Yue, hurry up and go home. Your third sister-in-law will be here shortly.”

Su Yue finally noticed Ming Ansheng and uttered ‘oh’ in response.

She carried the container and went inside.

“Su Yue, I’ll go back first.”

Qi Lei didn’t follow her and bade her goodbye. He watched her for a while before stuffing his hands into his pockets and left.

His lanky figure slowly diminished in the horizon. Ming Ansheng watched him—he was lost in his thoughts.

He glanced at the building and watched as the door closed. He furrowed his eyebrows and muttered, “This lass, why doesn’t she get tired of chicken wings.”

She had eaten almost a dozen chicken wings in the afternoon, and yet she wants to eat more.

He shook his head; he felt baffled. He was getting old indeed, and it was almost impossible to understand teens these days.

He pressed the ignition button and activated the car.

He made a turn and drove towards the exit of the district.

A taxi stopped outside the district and a familiar figure came out of the taxi. Ming Ansheng slowed down and stopped the car. He wound his windows down. “Wen Xuxu!”

“Ming Ansheng?” Xuxu was surprised to see Ming Ansheng. As she strode towards him, she spoke, “You sent Su Yue home?”

“Yup.” Ming Ansheng nodded. “She just went up.”

Xuxu smiled. “Sorry for troubling you.”

Ming Ansheng joked. “If only Third Yan has half of your manners, I would be contented.”