Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Don't Chase Me Away

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“Anyway, it can’t be anything good.”

“I heard that Chairman Zhang has already sold his shares.”

After calling Yan Rusheng, Xuxu returned to her room and fell asleep.

She heard thudding sounds in her dream and didn’t know where the sound came from. So after some time, it finally woke her up.

She was about to stretch her hand to switch on the light when a figure jumped in from the window.

“Ahhh!” Xuxu yelled out in fear. At the same time, she grabbed a pillow and jumped agilely to her feet. She stood on the bed, ready to attack the assailant.

After standing up, she had heaved a sigh of relief when she realized who the assailant was. She then lashed out. “Yan Rusheng! Are you trying to scare me to death?!”

It was her first time yelling so harshly and fiercely.

Her legs turned to jelly after screaming, and so she plopped down on the bed.

When that figure jumped in earlier on, it almost frightened her to death.

Xuxu clutched her chest while the other hand rubbed her belly to pacify her precious babies even if they weren’t able to sense fear yet.

It has been Xuxu’s instinct lately to think of her babies first before anything else.

Yan Rusheng knew that he had scared her, and he immediately apologized. “Sorry, my darling wife.”

He began to feel along the wall to find the light switch. He noticed that Xuxu hadn’t gotten over the shock.

He hastily sat down and patted Xuxu’s back gently. He explained, “I called you but you didn’t answer, neither did you open the door when I knocked just now. So I thought you were angry with me.”

Xuxu pursed her lips, showing how upset she was with him. “You really scared me this time.”

Her soul seemed to have flown away, and she became angry at the thought of it. She punched Yan Rusheng with force.

This time, her strength was sufficient enough to make Yan Rusheng frown. However, he still looked at her with a tender expression. “Sorry, my wife.”

He bent and inched nearer to her and kissed her on her forehead.

He had drunk a little during dinner and at the bar as well. Even though he wasn’t tipsy, Xuxu still caught a whiff of alcohol. She frowned and shoved him away. “Yan Rusheng, you stink of alcohol. Stay away from me.”

Yan Rusheng knew that she was still angry, so he obediently agreed. He moved farther away from her and sat down leaving a space of about 30 cm between them.

Xuxu frowned and snorted. “Further away.”

Yan Rusheng moved a little more at her command as his eyes peered at Xuxu. His lips pressed tightly as he waited for Queen Wen’s commands.

Xuxu’s anger was already appeased when she looked at him. But she pretended and put on a sulky expression. “Further!”

Yan Rusheng moved back and his butt reached the edge of the bed. He almost fell over, but luckily he stood up with agile feet.

When he saw that Xuxu had smiled, he grinned at her.

Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, but his grin looked so silly and adorable. Just like an innocent boy.

But Xuxu knew that he could never have innocent thoughts, so she grabbed the pillow once more and hurled it at him. “Yan Rusheng, get back home and sleep.”

He had come back home with a stench of alcohol and almost scared her to death.

However, it wasn’t what made her angry. It was the fact that he had climbed through the windows—their apartments were on the tenth floor.

Yan Rusheng immediately hurried back to her when he noticed Xuxu trying to chase him away. He wound his arm around her waist and whined. “Wife, I came home the moment you hung up. Don’t chase me away.”