Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 817

Chapter 817 She Was So Touched That Her Eyes Were Stinging

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The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. “Can you stop being so shameless!?”

When a man has a desire, there is nothing he wouldn’t do. He can whine, act adorable, and even betray his own conscience and principles.

Men are creatures who think with the lower part of their bodies!

“I just want to stick to you.” Yan Rusheng wrapped his hands tightly around Xuxu.

Xuxu gave up for she knew that there was no way she could push him away. She glared and admonished him, “How can you climb the windows when you’re drunk. Are you trying to die?”

“My heart only wants Wen Xuxu, so no obstacle can stop me.” Yan Rusheng stretched his neck and kissed Xuxu’s cheek. He then buried his face into her hair and began to rub against her neck. “I want you so badly, my wife.”

How much did this fellow actually drink?

Xuxu glanced at the windows, and at the thought of the dangerous stunt he had done, she gave an involuntary shudder.

She pinched Yan Rusheng’s thigh as hard as she could. “Tomorrow, I’ll get someone to install anti-theft grilles. Let’s see if you can sneak into my room in the future.”

Yan Rusheng quipped, “Then tomorrow I’ll find a locksmith and be his apprentice.”

“Pfft.” Xuxu finally burst out in laughter as she looked at Yan Rusheng. His smile was so seductive and alluring even if he seemed a little tipsy. She softened her tone once more. “Hurry up and take a shower. I’ll go get your clothes.”

She nudged him as her eyes darted to the windows once more. She needed to install the anti-theft grilles tomorrow. Who knows if he would attempt to climb in through the window in the future. It was far too dangerous.

Xuxu rose and strode across the room. The man, on the other hand, happily said, “Wen Xuxu, I want to shower here.”

Xuxu quietly smiled.

She walked into the living room and to the main door. She took out a key from the shoe cabinet which Yan Rusheng had left after he had bought the apartment.

Yan Rusheng saw her when he walked out of her room. He playfully grinned. “So, you’ve been keeping my key in secret. Tomorrow, I shall check the surveillance cameras to see if you have been sneaking into my house when I wasn’t around.”

“Tsk. Go shower now! I’ll get your clothes.” Xuxu glared at him and opened the door.

Young Master Yan clenched his fists and raised them in victory. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

So the key to success is to be shameless. Wooing a woman is like doing sales, and a man has to forgo his pride, ego, and principles.

The tiny woman, who stood outside the door, secretly grinned to herself. She had a sudden impulse to suddenly appear in front of him and tease him. “Young Master Yan, where did your aloofness and arrogance go to?”

Xuxu unlocked Yan Rusheng’s apartment door, and the lights were on. Even though he hasn’t been staying in for a few days, the house was still tidy and clean. It was as if she could distinctly smell his scent.

She opened the shoe cabinet and her eyes flickered.

There were two pairs of slippers, and the design was identical and in the same color.

Xuxu took both pairs out and noticed that they were brand new. There was a picture of a catthe female pair had a feisty-looking kitten, while the man’s pair had a lazy and gentle-looking cat.

“This fellow!” She was so touched that her eyes were stinging.

Really. She had never, in her wildest dreams, ever dreamt of Yan Rusheng changing so much. Or how thoughtful he could become.

He had transformed into a man that she would love even more, and she won’t be able to extricate herself from him in this lifetime.

She put the female pair on the floor and the man’s pair back into the cabinet.

She strode towards the bedroom.

The bedroom had been left vacant and the curtains were all drawn. The bedsheets were arranged neatly.