Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 818

Chapter 818 You Will Hurt The Babies

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Xuxu opened the wardrobe to get Yan Rusheng’s clothes. Yan Rusheng had stayed in the apartment for over a month so he had quite a selection of clothes. However, they were mainly blazers and shirts, most of which were of similar design and color.

She loved to look at his wardrobe and white shirts for she would feel an inexplicable joy.

It always made her think of his good-looking face and his exquisite features.

She gazed at his clothes and seemed to enter a trance. After some time, she extended her hand towards his loungewear and removed it from the clothes hanger.

She received a shock when she turned around. “Why didn’t you make a sound?”

Was this fellow bent on scaring her to death?

Yan Rusheng was wearing a white bathrobe, but… it belonged to Xuxu. It was so short that the bathrobe ended at his thighs, and it seemed to be bursting at his shoulders.

The front of the bathrobe was wide open, revealing his buff, muscular chest and abs. His sexiness at that moment was beyond words.

He lazily leaned against the wardrobe with his hands stuffed in the pockets. He wordlessly smiled at Xuxu.

Xuxu blushed when she noticed that he was staring at her. “Your clothes. I’m going back to sleep.”

She stuffed the clothes into his hands and was about to walk past him.

“Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng stretched his hand and grabbed Xuxu’s wrist. He pressed her against the wall.

He didn’t give her the chance to retaliate and immediately swooped down towards her lips. He kissed her domineeringly, and when Xuxu no longer pushed him away nor struggled, his kisses began to turn gentle.

Yan Rusheng’s hands traveled down to Xuxu’s waist. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and pulled all of her towards him.

Her soft body gave him the most wonderful sensation in this entire world.

His kisses became more passionate, and Xuxu could feel something bulging against her.

She knew what it was and deep inside her, she yearned for it too. However, she was still level-headed and rational as she was pregnant.

“Yan Rusheng, don’t be like this. We can’t—”

Xuxu tried to shove Yan Rusheng away so she could negotiate, but flaming desires got in the way! This man couldn’t wait for a second longer, so how could he give her any chance to extricate herself. He tightly wrapped his arms around her, to prevent her from escaping.

But he wasn’t entirely irrational and he avoided Xuxu’s belly.

“Xuxu, do you want it? Huh?” Yan Rusheng’s kisses trailed to Xuxu’s ear, and his warm breath was tickling her senses.

Xuxu felt as if her body was electrocuted, and she felt limp.

She gritted her teeth and muttered, “No, Yan Rusheng. You will hurt the babies.”

She knew that if she reasoned with him that he would have to wait until after she had given birth, her words would fall on deaf ears. There was no way he would walk away today.

“No, I won’t. I’ll be gentle.” Yan Rusheng’s lips brushed lightly against Xuxu’s ear. He then gently bit her ear—

—to tantalize her.

Xuxu had to admit that the man was very skilled at this that her willpower was almost utterly defeated.

“Xuxu, I want you.” Yan Rusheng suddenly grabbed Xuxu’s hand and put her hands around him.

The next second, his hands moved down and he hoisted her up in one movement.

Xuxu’s legs instinctively tightened around his waist as he turned around to carry her towards the bedroom.

“Yan Rusheng, what are you doing?” Xuxu widened his eyes and punched Yan Rusheng’s shoulders.

Yan Rusheng simply ignored her as he walked on with determination. He bent to place her gently on the bed. He sat down as he gazed at her with his peach blossom-shaped eyes which brimmed with desire. His smile was exceedingly seductive.