Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 819

Chapter 819 I Was Being Lenient

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As Yan Rusheng gazed at Xuxu’s face, it was as if he was admiring a rare and precious jewel.

His burning gaze seemed to bore a hole through Xuxu that she turned scarlet. She tilted her face away and used her hands to push against his chest. “Can you get up now? Be careful and don’t fall on me.”

She couldn’t bring herself to be so liberal with intimacy.

However, the more shy Xuxu was, the more Yan Rusheng wanted to tease her. “Xuxu, we grew up together. Didn’t we experience everything together before?”

He inched closer to Xuxu and gently bit her ear. He grinned. “We even took a bath together in a bathtub. Seems like you were more liberal when you were a kid.”

“Why did you become so shy and reserved now you’re an adult?”

As he spoke, his free hand crept underneath Xuxu’s clothes. His hand moved upwards slowly, just like a crab.

‘What are you looking at? I won’t let you touch it.’

‘Shameless! Who wants to touch your private part? You’re a hooligan if you don’t put on clothes!’

Xuxu recalled the incident where she took a bath with Yan Rusheng, and she went as red as a tomato. She corrected him. “That wasn’t a bathtub alright. It was grandmother who brought us to the hot spring. You were the one who wasn’t wearing clothes. Did you know that you had tainted my eyes that day?”

Actually, they were really young at that time. Even if he tried his best to recall, he could only remember fragments of the memory. He had no idea that Xuxu remembered it so clearly, even more than he could.

How important was their childhood to Wen Xuxu? Even to the extent that she remembered such a trivial piece of memory?

Yan Rusheng used his face to caress Xuxu’s burning face. He was just itching to tease her, especially when she was feeling so shy. “Did you know that you almost killed me that day? You nearly became a widow.”

Yes, indeed. Miss Wen’s ‘deadly claws’ almost crippled Young Master Yan.

When she was younger, Xuxu didn’t understand why grabbing Young Master Yan’s private part would be so deadly to him. Now he mentioned it, she couldn’t wait to bury herself in a hole.

With gritted teeth, she snarled, “You deserved it. Don’t you know how despicable you were? I was being lenient with you, and now I regret that I didn’t cripple you.”

“Then do it now.” Yan Rusheng had a sly and lewd smile as he pulled his hand out from underneath Xuxu’s clothes. He grabbed her slender wrist and pulled it against her will towards him. “Come on, cripple me.”

Ignoring Xuxu’s shocked and dumbfounded expression, he sealed her mouth with a passionate kiss.

After more than an hour, Yan Rusheng finally stopped tormenting Xuxu.

Both of them fell asleep in a tight embrace. Xuxu fell into a deep slumber, feeling safe and contented. She finally let his hands wrap around her.

Yan Rusheng gazed at the woman who was sound asleep in his arms. He couldn’t bear to wake her up, and so he maintained his current posture without moving an inch.

It felt like déjà vu.

They had merely changed positions.

“Ah Sheng, are you awake?”

Yan Rusheng, who was in a deep reverie, had been brought back to reality by Xuxu’s voice. He peered down at Xuxu who was sleepily rubbing her eyes.

He gently smiled and kissed her on her forehead. Such affectionate and loving action had become a habit of his.

He retracted his arm from under Xuxu’s head.

His arm had become her pillow for the entire night, and it had gone numb. He gave his arm a good shake and used the other hand to massage it.

“What time is it?” Xuxu glanced at the windows. Although the blinds were drawn, she could still see the brightness outside. She scrambled up in a haste.