Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Cant You Even Endure This?

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As Xuxu sat on the bed, she suddenly furrowed her eyebrows. She had stayed motionless for a moment before she stretched.

Yan Rusheng observed her in silence, and his peach blossom-shaped eyes playfully sparkled. “Why? Are your arms sore?”

Xuxu glared at him and retorted, “We did it twice and it was so long. You try it and let’s see what happens to your arms?!”

She had said it in a casual tone.

Young Master Yan twisted her words on purpose. “My darling, are you trying to make me change my sexual orientation then?”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

She decided not to speak with this fellow whose thoughts were too dirty. Every word from his mouth was too suggestive.

After massaging her arms, she lifted the blanket and was about to get out of bed. Yan Rusheng stopped her by grabbing her arm. “It’s not even 7 a.m., sleep for a while more.”

Xuxu slumped back. Yan Rusheng took this opportunity and pulled her towards his chest. They laid back on the bed together.

Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows and worries washed over her. “Today is the start of the trial.”

Yan Rusheng patted her gently on her waist. “You are pregnant, stop worrying about other stuff other than prenatal education for our children. His sentence won’t be too heavy.”

Xuxu sighed. “Regardless of the sentence, it would have a huge impact on First Aunt, second sister-in-law, and their entire family.”

The difference in a jail sentence of a year and twenty years was merely the duration. However, he could never escape from being labeled as a ‘convict’forever.

He would deserve such a punishment if they were to see it from the perspective of justice and law.

But in the eyes of his family, how she wished he could be declared innocent.

“Be rational, Wen Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng gazed at Xuxu with solemn eyes.

Xuxu pressed her lips in silence.

It wouldn’t make any difference if she was rational or not. What difference would it make?

Yan Rusheng said, “Sleep for a while more. I need to make a call.”

He pulled his arm from under her and was about to lift the blanket when Xuxu cut across. “I want to get up too, let’s go back early.”

“Wen Xuxu, the consequences of not listening to me would be severe.” Yan Rusheng looked at her with a warning look. The next second he pushed her back on the bed and kissed her.

He merely used any effort on his hand to overcome her struggling ones.

His lips sealed Xuxu’s mouth, and she couldn’t utter a word, so she glared at him instead.

‘This fellow is too much!’

Yan Rusheng finally unwillingly broke apart from Xuxu when he was feeling breathless.

But his hand still clamped hers tightly, and his peach blossom-shaped eyes twinkled slyly. “Actually, I’ve read up regarding such stuff and consulted a doctor, too. We can still do this in moderation even when you’re pregnant. You were being too cautious.”

This hooligan even consulted a doctor! And he even did his research!

Xuxu relentlessly sneered with contempt at Young Master Yan. He was truly a creature controlled by the lower part of his body.

Her hands were clamped tightly, so she used her knees to nudge Yan Rusheng. She warned him with a sharp glare. “Yan Rusheng, this will be the last time and there won’t be a next! If not, for the next two years, you are not coming near my bed!”

“Darling wife, I will die if I hold back for so long.” Yan Rusheng relinquished his grip on her hands and embraced her tightly. He whispered in her ear and whined, “You can’t neglect me even when we have children.”

Seems like he can’t have too many kids—her love and attention were too precious to be shared!

Xuxu lifted her eyebrows. “Can’t you even endure this?”