Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 821

Chapter 821 This Is Considered Normal

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Yan Rusheng smiled and stopped teasing her. “Alright, let’s stop talking about this or your thoughts will run wild again.

He released her hand, turned over, and got out of the bed.

It was no longer a secret that Second Master Yan’s court case would begin early in the morning. A group of reporters was already waiting outside the court.

Two Yan family cars arrived one after another.

Yan Weiye’s family occupied one car, while Yan Rusheng’s family were in the other.

The car door opened, and Jiang Qinglian got off. After a tormenting week, she looked dreadfully haggard and pallid.

The reporters were like cats getting a whiff of its prey, rushing forward when they caught sight of her family. They even had blocked their way.

Jiang Qinglian kept her head bowed as the reporters’ cameras continuously flashed at them. Her eldest son, Yan Rusen, stood in front of her with a straight face to disperse the reporters. “Please make way. Please make way.”

Under such a circumstance, no one was willing to be interviewed.

But the reporters couldn’t care less since it was their job to fish out information.

“I heard that First Madam was worried that Miss Su and Master Su will be after the Yan family’s inheritance, so she had already withdrawn First Master and Second Master’s shares along with her two daughters-in-law and her grandchildren. Is this true?”

“Mr. Yan, how many years will Second Master be sentenced to jail? Who will take over Jiang Corporation from now on?”

“Will the little missy and little master be here today too?”

There was a long pause…

Witnessing his mother’s expression turning more ugly and sullen, Yan Rusen glared at the reporters. He retorted, “Please make way or else, don’t blame me for smashing up your equipment!”

“First Young Master, please don’t smash up our equipment. We are reporters, so isn’t it normal for us to interview people, especially prominent figures like you?”

“Precisely. We wouldn’t be here if the Yan family isn’t in the news.”

The reporters depended on their silver tongue to dig up juicy news. They had no qualms to speak their mind.

Each got more mean and sharp with their words. Yan Rusen’s face turned green, but he held back his anger and clenched his fists as he stomped off.

As the eldest in the family, he had to remain calm and unflustered. He had to keep the poise of a leader.

Jiang Qinglian thought to herself, if such a scene happened to Yan Runan or Yan Rusheng, the fate of the reporters would have been different.

Although she didn’t have any daughters, she had two sons whose characters complemented each other’s, assisting in work matters and living in harmony under the same household.

“I heard that First Madam was worried that Miss Su and Master Su will be after the Yan family’s inheritance…”

Jiang Qinglian had now become a calculative and mean woman in the eyes of the public.

But so what? If she had been like this much earlier, perhaps Runan and she would not have to go through all these now.

“Yan Rusheng—”

As Jiang Qinglian was mulling over her regrets, Xuxu’s anxious voice rang from behind her.

In a matter of seconds, a towering figure squeezed through the crowd and flashed past her.

It caught the reporters off guard, and they looked astonished as they took a step back.

People were screaming and there were smashing sounds… the scene turned chaotic.

“Yan family’s matters have nothing to do with you.” Yan Rusheng surveyed the reporters, who had by now retreated a few meters away, with a cold glare. “Smashing your equipment today is to let you know what is normal!”

“Smashing up the unscrupulous media is considered normal for the Yan family.”

In his usual white shirt and black suit, his aura was intimidating and cold. Even the security guards outside the court turned purple in fear.