Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 822

Chapter 822 One Who Greatly Values Relationships

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Yan Rusheng turned back and took a quick glance at Jiang Qinglian after he had said his piece. He then walked back to Xuxu to hold her hands.

They walked hand-in-hand towards the staircase located at the main entrance of the high court.

After the reporters dispersed, they were able to move freely with no obstruction.

After walking a short distance, Xuxu stood on tiptoes and inched close to Yan Rusheng and whispered, “Yan Rusheng, you’ve been too brash and violent.”

Although she was chiding him, her tone was filled with affection and admiration.

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows and sounded offended by Xuxu’s criticism. “Don’t you think your husband looked cool and exuded a domineering aura?”

Xuxu sneered to conceal her real thoughts. “Oh, please. Can you be more serious? I’m going over to be with First Aunt.”

After that, she withdrew her hands from Yan Rusheng’s grip and turned around to wait for Jiang Qinglian. “First Aunt.”

She also looked at Yan Rusen and slightly nodded at him. “First brother.”

Yan Rusen came to the Capital City earlier on, but didn’t stay long and returned to C City as there was no one was left over there to take care of the company. He took the earliest flight back to the Capital City the following morning.

Yan Rusen returned Xuxu’s polite bow. His expression was warm and gentle.

He grew up with Xuxu and had always regarded her as his little sister—a sister whom everyone in the Yan family doted on.

Xuxu pressed her lips together and felt comforted that First brother was still so amiable and gentle towards her.

Jin Qianqian had her hand on Jiang Qinglian’s arm. Xuxu stretched her hand and was about to hold her other arm.

But Jiang Qinglian moved her arm slightly back and dodged her.

It stunned Xuxu, and she felt sad about it but she didn’t give up. She pursed her lips and forced her hand through the inside of Jiang Qinglian’s elbow.

Jiang Qinglian wanted to shake her off, but she held on to her tightly, refusing to let go.

As the court session was starting soon, Jiang Qinglian didn’t come to a standoff with Xuxu and let her be.

Mu Li witnessed this sight while she was following close behind, and she felt sorry for her. She sighed. “This girl may look cold and aloof and may seem not to take matters to heart. But she’s actually a person who greatly values relationships.”

She lost both her parents at the age of four, and had moved into their family after that. However, she didn’t shed a single tear then as she was still young and didn’t understand what was happening.

When the elderly lady passed on, she almost went berserk and took more than a month to recover from her grief. Even at the mention of the elderly now, she would be downcast—sorrow could still be seen from her bright and clear eyes.

When Flourish & Prosper was in trouble, she was the first to step forward. And everyone with eyes could see that she doted on Su Yue even though she was the illegitimate daughter of First Uncle.

Outsiders might not understand why she was so brazen-faced to want to get close to her First Aunt, but she knew, even though they were not living together all these years.

She knew that she wanted the Yan family to live in harmony and didn’t wish to witness the family falling apart.

She was a nice girl who knew the meaning of gratefulness and how to be appreciative.

As Mu Li mulled over this, she let out a sigh. “I’m really awestruck by the elderly lady’s foresight and her way of bringing up her children.”

She had been pampered and doted upon by the Yan family since she was young, just like their own flesh and blood. It was the norm for wealthy families to adopt children.

But many of these children became spoiled and unruly ‘princesses ‘, some are even arrogantly willful and materialistic and spend money like nobody’s business.

Girls like Xuxu were indeed hard to come by or even impossible to find amongst those that she knew from her social circle.

Their family raised her for more than a decade and lived an easy and rich life with everything well provided for. Yet, she had no problems adjusting to the poor and underprivileged life when she returned to stay with her grandfather.