Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Increasingly Fishy

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The day she left, she left most of her nice clothes behind.

Even though she frequently went back to visit the Yan family, which girl wouldnt want to look pretty?

But this silly lass was at times too obstinate and harsh on herself.

Yan Weihong frowned and glanced at his wife. "Why are you so deep in your own thoughts?"

Mu Li turned and stared at him. "Youre like a piece of an old blockhead thats devoid of emotions, and its getting more difficult to communicate with you."

After responding to him with disdain clear in her voice, she quickened her steps and caught up with Xuxu and the rest.

Jiang Qinglian almost went hysterical when Yan Runan walked past them in his handcuffs, looking haggard with stubbles on his chin.

It had been only a few days. What would become of him if he had to spend many years in jail?

"Runan." Jiang Qinglian wanted to dash forward to hug Yan Runan but Yan Rusen stopped her. "Mother, control yourself. Were in court."

Jiang Qinglian clung on to Yan Rusens hand in agitation. She continuously shook her head as she cried. "Runan Runan didnt have to go through any hardship as a kid. Look at how scrawny he has become."

After saying that, she glared hard at Yan Weiye. "Yan Weiye, I wish you dead. You should be the one standing trial and await a sentence instead!"

Her youngest son was her beloved child. Whenever something happened to Yan Runan, it would seem that a part of her flesh cut off, causing her to lose her senses.

She had never, in her wildest dreams, ever dreamt that her son would be sentenced to jail.

Hence, she found it hard to accept the truth.

Although Yan Weiye knew he had to bear some responsibilities for his sons misdeeds, given theyre in court, he detested Jiang Qinglians irrational behavior.

Even if she didnt care about her face, she should spare a thought for the Yan family.

Would even throwing a fit in public change the situation?

"Hmph!" Yan Weiye grunted in fury. Ignoring Jiang Qinglian, he fixed his gaze at Yan Runan instead.

Seeing his son in handcuffs and more so, he looked so haggard, he couldnt help but feel sorry. He blamed himself, too!

The court session began and both parties lawyers spoke in defense of their clients with much intensity. But towards the latter half, the other partys defense got weaker.

There were several times when the other party could not answer Lu Yishans questioning.

Everyone, including Wen Xuxu, was visibly startled.

Except for the court workers.

Those pieces of evidence about Yan Runans account details and the voice recording of someone threatening Wang Bin and so on

How did she get hold of them? Even though the other partys defense lawyer seemingly made everything appear rightful, there were still some loopholes. When Lu Yishan had him cornered, he was unable to argue any further. He would subconsciously look down and appear uneasy.

Xuxu observed the entire session down to the smallest detail and found it increasingly fishy. She suddenly turned and looked at the man sitting beside her.

As expected, he was crossing his arms and appearing calm and composed. There wasnt any trace of anxiousness nor misgivings in his eyes.

If she found it fishy, he would obviously notice it too.

Xuxu heaved a silent relief and leaned back on her seat. Although Yishan had gained the upper hand now, the final verdict still depended on the judge.

But it was likely that the sentence would be lighter than what she had expected.

After the first round of defense was over, the judge announced a five-minute break.

Xuxu and Jiang Qinqin assisted Jiang Qinglian out of the court to the resting area for a drink.

Just when they stepped out, everyones expression froze.