Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 824

Chapter 824 Its Not Your Fault

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A tiny figure swiftly ducked out of the way and hid at the staircase area.

"Yueyue." Xuxu immediately gave chase.

Yan Weiye also followed suit and stepped forward, but Yan Rusen stopped him. He furtively cast a meaningful glance at him.

Yan Weiye pursed his lips together and reluctantly retraced his steps.

After he brought the two kids over, he had never seen them again. But when he saw the self-abased and timid look on his daughters face a moment ago, he felt a tug at his heartstrings.

"Mother, lets go to the rest area for a rest." Yan Rusen attentively held on to Jiang Qinglian.

Jiang Qinglians eyes coldly swept across Yan Weiyes face before following Yan Rusen to the rest area.

After everyone had left, Yan Rusheng raised his feet and walked towards the staircase.

Xuxu gave chase to the level below before catching hold of Su Yue. She held on to her and sat down with her side by side on the steps.

Xuxu looked at Su Yue affectionately for a while. She then gently spoke, "Yueyue, why are you here?"

It had taken her by surprise when she saw her earlier.

Su Yue clasped her hands together, fingers intertwined. She was visibly anxious and worried.

Seeing this sight, Xuxu stretched out her hand and patted her on the hand. "Whats wrong?"

Su Yue turned to look at her. She asked, "Will he be heavily sentenced?"

So, this was the little lass concern, hence she came over?

Xuxu shook her head and comforted Su Yue. "He wont. You shouldnt be worried about this. Youre still a child, so leave this to the adults and concentrate on your schoolwork. Dont dwell on this okay?"

But she knew that Su Yue wasnt worried just because Yan Runan was her stepbrother.

Instead, she was blaming herself. The last few days, the news had reported that Yan Runans motives for harming Flourish & Prosper were because of his hatred for his fathers illegitimate children. Hence, she blamed herself.

Right from the start, she was already feeling inferior.

"My mommy is a bad person, and I shouldnt be alive," Su Yue chided herself.

Just as she had expected. Xuxu felt aggrieved and corrected her. "How can you say such things?"

Su Yues eyes brimmed with tears and she looked down, the corners of her mouth sank and looked sorrowful.

Xuxu held on to her hand and knitted her eyebrows. "Su Yue, listen to me. Dont you ever say such things again or else, Third sister-in-law will not bother about you anymore."

"Third sister-in-law." Su Yue hugged Xuxu and said, "My mommy is a bad person. Shes a mistress and snatched someones husband. My brother and I snatched someones father."

"Yueyue, I dont know where you heard such things from." Xuxu looked serious and stern. "But remember thisits not your fault. Youre just like everyone else, having a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a pretty face. Youve done nothing wrong and neither are you inferior to others. Perhaps you are unhappy with your parents now, but they brought you into this world and at the very least, they are still alive."

As Xuxu spoke, sadness could be seen in her eyes. "I lost both my parents at the age of four."

It had Su Yue dumbfounded when she heard her. She unconsciously gripped Xuxus fingers tightly.

She knew that Xuxus parents were no longer around, but she wasnt aware that she had lost her parents at a tender age.

"At that time, I just arrived in this big capital city and there were classmates who jeered at me saying I was only lodging under the Yan familys roof. They even mocked me for being an orphan."