Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Dont You Dare Say No

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Xuxu gave a slight smile. She continued, “But what other people say, what’s it got to do with me? I only knew that grandmother and everyone in the Yan family treated me well. With so many people showering me with concerns, I knew that I must study hard, so I won’t disappoint those who doted on me. I also did not want to let myself down.”

She had long wanted to share her story with Su Yue, to let her know that she was not considered pitiful just because there were many people out there who also lost their parents just like her. She should count her blessings instead.

She wanted to let Su Yue know that there was no way they could prevent people from talking behind their backs, but they could correct their attitude and readjust their thoughts.

Su Yue suddenly let out a sigh and pouted. She solemnly said, “But other than Third sister-in-law, no one else loves me.”

‘Even if you die in the orphanage, your daddy and mommy also won’t want you. So why don’t you go and die?’

‘Your mommy is a bad person. She’s a mistress and you’re now bearing the consequences for her mistake.’

‘You think I want to give birth to you? Your daddy already abandoned you. You’ve been staying in the orphanage for so many years, but he didn’t even visit you, so why would I still want you?’

Images of those nightmarish moments that took place in the orphanage flashed through her mind again. The expression in her eyes looked bustling with thoughts.

Her hands clenched tightly into a fist.

Xuxu could feel her breath turning cold. She stretched out her other hand to stroke the little girl’s face, assuring her with a warm smile.

She said, “How can it be that no one else loves you? Other than me, you still have your brother and your third brother. You just need to spend more time getting to know people, and you’ll realize it. Doesn’t Qi Lei enjoy being with you? And Ming Ansheng, too. They were all willing to spend time with you. They even treat you as their friend and sister.”

Those few people mentioned were those that Su Yue usually interacted with, and it proved effective. Her mind immediately switched to images of her interacting with those people.

Her expression softened.

But suddenly, she frowned again. “Does Third Brother detest me as much as those people?”

‘Yan Rusheng, you pretentious chap. In the eyes of your sister, you couldn’t even hold a candle to Ming Ansheng and Qi Lei.’ Xuxu smiled widely. “Who said so?”

Without waiting for Su Yue to respond, she yelled sharply, “Yan Rusheng!”

A man’s voice sounded from her. “Wife.”

Yan Rusheng’s towering figure walked down from the corner of the stairs. He had been standing there for quite a while. As he saw Xuxu and Su Yue deep in conversation, he didn’t want to disturb them, and so he refrained from coming down.

But who’d expected that Xuxu had spotted him?

He stood one step behind Xuxu. He had shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned sideways against the staircase handrail. He lowered his head to look at Xuxu, waiting for her to continue speaking.

She had yelled at him in a loud commanding tone, so it was impossible she’ll keep mum.

Xuxu turned her head and looked at the man behind her. “You doted on Su Yue too, right?”

After that, a sharp gleam flashed past her eye as if to say ‘Don’t you dare say no.’

Su Yue also turned back to look at Yan Rusheng.

An innocent smile appeared on Yan Rusheng’s gorgeous face and he affectionately nodded. “Yes.”

Xuxu smiled in satisfaction and then turned to look at Su Yue. “See, if you don’t interact with them, how would you be able to find out if they adore or hate you? Don’t be troubled by your background. We can’t choose how we want to be born, but we can choose how we want to lead our lives.”

When Yan Rusheng heard Xuxu’s words, the corners of his mouth twitched.