Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Counseled Her Well

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Then Flourish & Prosper’s shares would be divided into a ratio of 7:3. Although their shares were also distributed in the past, every shareholder held a minor share and there were many of them. Furthermore, they were old employees of Flourish & Prosper and the situation was entirely different.

“That’s what Grandmother had stated in the will,” quipped Yan Rusheng. He finally moved away from his desk and poured two glasses of water. He slowly strode to the couch.

Yan Weihong trailed after him, and the father and son sat together.

Yan Weihong ignored the glass of water. He was anxious and angry as he looked at Yan Rusheng. “How much does she want? We can simply buy all of her shares.”

Yan Rusheng frowned. “You know she wouldn’t agree to it.”

If she had the intention of selling her shares to them merely for money, she wouldn’t have insisted on splitting it.

She just couldn’t take it lying down. It was her way of seeking revenge against First Uncle.

Yan Weihong’s face darkened and the atmosphere in the room turned icy cold.

He suddenly stood up. “I’ll go look for your First Uncle. These shares are too important and too much to fall into an outsider’s hands.”

And if their rival managed to get a hand on these shares, the consequences would be dire.

Yan Weiye gazed at Yan Weihong as he stomped away. He knew that looking for Yan Weiye would be a futile attempt, so he didn’t stop his father.

He held the glass of water with his finger circling the rim. He sat in a daze.

Just as what Xuxu had expected, they would have dinner with Ming Ansheng and the rest.

Since Xuxu was pregnant, they considered and chose the prestigious restaurant Jiangnan River Delta for its premium dishes and ambiance. And it goes without saying that the prices were equally premium too.

After Xuxu fastened her seatbelt, she felt her phone vibrating. She rummaged for her phone in her bag.

Su Yue sent her a text with a photo. She clicked on it.

Su Yue had taken a photo of herself acting cute and it made Xuxu smile in happiness.

“Who’s that? You’re smiling so beautifully right now.” Young Master Yan saw that his wife was smiling so happily, so happy that she resembled a blooming flower. He craned his neck to look at the screen.

It startled him. “This little lass takes photos of herself?”

“I feel that she has changed a lot recently and had become more cheerful,” Xuxu deeply remarked as she typed a reply to Su Yue. ‘You’re so pretty in the photo. Have you done your homework?’

Yan Rusheng seized the opportunity. “It’s all your credit for brainwashing her.”

Xuxu’s face fell. “Yan Rusheng, do you know how to talk?”

Yan Rusheng hastily corrected himself. “I said it wrong. You have counseled her well as her psychiatrist.”

Xuxu ignored him and replied Su Yue’s text.

An idea struck her and she turned to Yan Rusheng. “Shall we ask Su Yue along?”

Yan Rusheng nodded. “Sure.”

“Then let’s fetch her now,” added Xuxu as she dialed Su Yue’s number.

It elated Su Yue when she heard that Xuxu was coming to pick her up for dinner.

The reason for her happiness wasn’t because of food, but the fact that she could see Xuxu.

They haven’t met for some time.

Su Yan’s apartment was quite a distance away from the Yan residence.

Xuxu felt that Su Yan must have wanted to distance himself from the Yan family; that’s why he had chosen a house that was so far away.

She turned to Yan Rusheng. “What kind of woman was she? Was she beautiful?”