Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Old Classmates Reunion

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Xuxu told Su Yue, “You are turning 18, so let’s make it a grand occasion. Let’s also celebrate you becoming a legal adult, too.”

Su Yue shook her head. “I don’t want a grand affair. It’s too troublesome.”

But Xuxu remained firm. “It has been some time since we had a joyous occasion in the family. It’s settled then. I’ll inform your brother when I return to work tomorrow.”

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow and commented, “Are you going back to work tomorrow?”

He was clearly against the idea.

Xuxu ignored Yan Rusheng and nonchalantly replied, “Yeah, I didn’t go to work for so many days. If I continue to be absent, my boss will deduct my salary.”

Yan Rusheng spoke with a stiff voice. “You should rest more and take care of your health. Why are you going back to work?”

He had tried so hard to make her return home and he certainly didn’t want her to work, especially at the fellow Su Yan’s company.

He always felt that the fellow had an ulterior motive for asking Xuxu to work at his company. The way he looked at her was full of affection and admiration.

Xuxu complained, “It’s so boring to stay at home. Yesterday a rich lady requested for a royal-themed photoshoot, and she had asked for ten outfits. Su Yan had delegated the entire project to me.”

It etched excitement on her exquisite-looking face.

Young Master Yan frowned. “Ten outfits? Is he trying to exhaust you?”

Xuxu pointed to him and spoke with a shrill voice. “You’re not allowed to meddle in my work.”

Yan Rusheng pursed his lips without making any sound.

Life is full of ups and downs. He and Wen Xuxu were the best examples.

He used to make Wen Xuxu come and go at his command, and now he had to obey Xuxu.

When they reached Jiangnan River Delta, the sky had already turned dark. Xuxu and Su Yue alighted at the entrance while Yan Rusheng went to find a parking lot.

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“Come on, let’s go in first.” Xuxu held Su Yue’s hand and led her towards the Jiangnan River Delta’s revolving doors.

The gold-plated doors brilliantly shone. The main hall seemed to sparkle like jewels as well.

The marble floor was as shiny as a mirror.

Su Yue stuffed her other hand in her pocket as she sucked on a lollipop. It was the first time she came to such a posh place, and she felt a little intimidated. Her bright eyes anxiously wandered around.

“Xuxu. Su Yue.”

A familiar voice sounded ahead of them. They both peered ahead.

It was Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan with a few others of their friends. Xuxu smiled and nodded to acknowledge their presence. “Young Master Ming, Young Master Lu and hello young masters.”

Someone teased her. “Wen Xuxu, if you addressed us as young masters, then are you the maid?”

Xuxu smiled and remained silent.

Ming Ansheng’s eyes landed on Su Yue. When he first caught a glimpse of her, he had the same thought as Xuxu—refreshing and bright.

He quietly beamed at her.

Su Yue had her head bowed, and she took out the lollipop from her mouth. She glanced at Ming Ansheng and noticed him staring at her. She greeted him reluctantly with a frown. “Big Uncle Ming.”

He had been staring at her the whole time. So, he must have clearly wanted her to greet him.

After greeting him, Su Yue stuffed the lollipop back into her mouth again.

Big Uncle? It made him sound older than being addressed as Uncle Ming.

Ming Ansheng frowned and wanted to express his dissatisfaction when someone interrupted. “Li Yun is here.”

Everyone glanced at the entrance. “Who is that beside him?”

“He looks familiar.”

“I think he is the son of our English teacher. What was his name again?”