Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Almost Couldnt Recognize Him

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Lu Yinan stared at the two guys walking towards him. As hard as he tried, he just couldnt remember them.

Xuxu cried out, "Zhao Zheng!"

It enlightened everyone all at once. They profusely nodded their heads.

"Oh yeah! He was the one who had a crush on Xuxu!"

"Yeah, he was really nice to her. I remember his family owned a convenience store, and he brought snacks for her every day."

Xuxus face fell, and it instantly darkened. So many years had passed, so why would they bring it up again? Even if she didnt feel embarrassed, Zhao Zheng would be.

In the midst of their conversation, Zhao Zheng and Li Yun walked over. "Hi everyone, sorry Im late."

Li Yun apologized to everyone with a smile.

"Young Master Li, youre a busy person now. Its so hard to take you on a date." Someone patted Li Yun on his back and teased him.

"Of course, Young Master Li is an expatriate now."

"I heard that you migrated to Country M?"

"Isnt the air fresher over there?"

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"Since youve gone there, then dont come back! Do you think foreign girls are better than our girls?"

Everyones attention was focused on Li Yun. They had neglected Zhao Zheng who trailed after him.

Zhao Zheng was a little awkward when he turned to Xuxu. "Xuxu, you said that I could find your Wechat account by searching for your QQ account, but I wasnt able to."

Xuxu smiled rather awkwardly. "Really? It has been some time since Ive last used the QQ app."

Yan Rusheng, you petty and jealous fellow!

Because of him, she had to lie. She needed to, otherwise, she would have to tell him that Yan Rusheng intentionally switched off the function where the QQ app could be linked to WeChat. And it was all because Yan Rusheng didnt want Zhao Zheng to add her.

Zhao Zheng smiled in response. "Then can you check it instead? I passed by your grandfathers clinic just recently when I was on the way to the airport. I was in a rush, if not I would have paid your grandfather a visit."

Then he whipped out his phone with an eager and earnest expression on his face.

Xuxu laughed and had no choice but to take out her phone as well. Then she clicked on her WeChat app. She then said, "Can you scan my QR code?"

She had to hurry, or else Yan Rusheng would arrive at any time. That fellow might embarrass Zhao Zheng in front of everyone.

Her English teacher and his wife had always treated her nicely. So, she had to take that into account as well.

The rest of them were still happily chatting, and it looked as though they didnt witness Xuxu and Zhao Zheng exchanging WeChat accounts. However, their eyes all had a subtle, devious gleam.

Third Yan was well known for being petty. Their group chat had been inactive for some time, but suddenly sometime last winter, he had contacted the admin late at night and kicked Zhao Zheng out of their group chat.

Wasnt it obvious enough?

He even plotted to kick Jiang Zhuoheng out of the group chat too, but the admin had declined.

"Hi, Zhao Zheng. It had been some time since we last met."

After Zhao Zheng had added Xuxu on WeChat, Lu Yinan smiled and spoke to him.

"Thats right." Zhao Zheng smiled and nodded at everyone else. "It has been some time since our high school graduation."

"I went to Gold Wing Building and bumped into Zhao Zheng that I almost couldnt recognize him," Li Yun interjected.

"Yeah, all of us have changed so much," Zhao Zheng replied.

His achievements were considered quite remarkable, but it still paled in comparison as compared to the young masters.