Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Does A Top University Send Their Professor To Recruit Students?

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Lu Yinan chuckled. “Obviously, he wanted to woo Su Yue.”

What else could it be?

Ming Ansheng frowned. “Nowadays, the teens focus more on romantic relationships rather than their studies.”

He surveyed Su Yue and felt she seemed so young and childish. Her tiny face might be 18 years old, but no one would cast doubt even if they placed her in a class full of middle school students.

Why would those boys like her?

Those teen boys were barely adults. They must have a different point of view when it comes to aesthetic judgment.

Lu Yinan sneered at Ming Ansheng with contempt. “Why do you sound like you didn’t have a girlfriend in middle school?”

Ming Ansheng ignored Lu Yinan’s remarks. Someone quipped, “Let’s not stand here. We are attracting unnecessary attention. Let’s chat upstairs.”

Their large group was indeed too eye-catching, especially those young masters who were frequently on the news.

The group began to proceed upstairs. Xuxu retracted her arm and held Su Yue instead. “Yueyue, let’s go.”

Yan Rusheng strolled next to them. He didn’t intend to join his friends’ conversations that revolved around life and dreams.

Someone with dissatisfaction laced on his voice spoke, “Third Yan, you have been with Wen Xuxu for almost all of your life. Can’t you just be without her for a while? We haven’t met in so long, shouldn’t you catch up with your buddies?”

“I remember how he would always complain that Wen Xuxu was annoying. But he would always wait for her outside the school gate. He must have fallen in love with Wen Xuxu and was lying to us then.”

“They grew up together under a roof, and familiarity breeds fondness.”

These guys were teasing Yan Rusheng and at the same time, Xuxu, too.

Xuxu was a little shy and pushed Yan Rusheng. “Hurry and go.”

If he didn’t join their conversation, his group of buddies would never let him off.

Yan Rusheng grunted and hastened his footsteps. They chattered amongst themselves once more.

Xuxu and Su Yue trailed behind them.

When he saw that Yan Rusheng and Xuxu weren’t walking together, Zhao Zheng deliberately slowed down so he could walk with Xuxu. “Xuxu, is your sister in high school?”

He pushed the rims of his glasses and stole a glance at Xuxu.

He seemed a little nervous as he rubbed his palms together.

“Yup.” Xuxu nodded and gestured at Su Yue. “She is taking her college entrance exams this year.”

“Oh.” It startled Zhao Zheng. He turned to Su Yue and asked, “That’s fast. Have you thought of a university you wanted?”

Xuxu nodded. “This girl doesn’t have any university in mind yet. Any would be fine as long as it’s in the capital city.”

They began climbing the broad and spacious staircase. Xuxu walked in the middle with Su Yue on her side, clutching her arm. Zhao Zheng was on the other side as he rattled on.

Zhao Zheng smiled. “You can consider our school. It’s considered as one of the top few in the country.

Xuxu smiled. “There is no hurry.”

They wanted to wait for Yueyue’s results and to let nature take its own course. And most importantly, Yueyue must like the school.

Zhao Zheng continued, “Our school is the best in the capital city be it our campus or professors.”

He had barely finished when a voice rang with sarcasm. “Does a top university send their professor to recruit students?”

Xuxu and Zhao Zheng glanced up at the same time.