Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Taking Him As A Street Musician?

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Yan Rusheng was standing on the second level, looking down at them with a straight face. Animosity filled his pair of peach blossom-shaped eyes.

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. She thought, ‘Do you have to be so reactive towards a casual remark?’

‘You were classmates after all.’

It didn’t offend Zhao Zheng in any way. Instead, he smiled and replied, “I’m not soliciting for students, but I’m just giving Xuxu an introduction to my school. There’s a strict quota to the new students’ enrollment which you can check online. Good grades aren’t necessary to get in.”

Zhao Zheng sounded superior. Yan Rusheng sneered, “I’ve heard that there are schools that allow teachers to take a cut for every student they recruit.”

It rendered Wen Xuxu speechless.

‘Can he be more sensitive to his former classmate’s feelings? Must he be so malicious and sharp-tongued?’

But honestly, Zhao Zheng was odd too. Couldn’t he tell that Yan Rusheng was snubbing him? Was he feigning ignorance? Or could it be he already understood Yan Rusheng’s intention and was trying to gain credit for himself?

Yan Rusheng could enroll his sister in any prestigious university he wanted. Was there a need for him to check online for the students’ enrollment?

“Let’s just have dinner. We’re here to eat today. Yueyue’s entrance exam is still more than a month away, so there’s no hurry.”

After saying that, Xuxu pulled Su Yue along. They quickly ascended the stairs.

Su Yue chuckled. “Third sister-in-law, I think Third Brother is jealous.”

‘See? Even someone innocent like Su Yue could tell.’ Xuxu shot Yan Rusheng a look of disdain.

But his towering figure was unmoved. He stood there with both hands in his pocket, looking awe-inspiring.

“Let’s go,” Xuxu urged Yan Rusheng when she walked over to him.

She didn’t halt her steps and walked past Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng raised his feet and trailed after her. As he walked, he reminded her, “Wife, slow down. Take care of my sons.”

He caught up with Xuxu. He caressed her tummy with one hand while placing his other hand on her waist.

It made Xuxu speechless.

‘This petty chap is too delicate.’

They had booked a huge and luxurious private room in Jiangnan River Delta, and the banquet table was large enough to seat 30 persons.

The room was well-equipped with piano, violin, TV, and Hi-Fi system.

“Come, come, come. Let’s first invite Young Master Lu to sing us the first song to liven things up.”

In the room, everyone gathered at the entertainment area. Someone turned on the hi-fi system and TV and handed the microphone to Lu Yinan.

Ming Ansheng laughed as he said, “I’ll rather have Third Yan play the piano than hearing Lu Yinan sing.”

After that, he diverted his gazed at Yan Rusheng and raised his eyebrows at him.

As he signaled him to play a piece, Young Master Yan raised his chin and arrogantly looked away as if to say ‘What a joke. Why must I play the piano for all of you?’

‘You’re taking me as a street musician?’

Everyone knew that Yan Rusheng wouldn’t play the piano. “Since we’re unable to invite this honorable God to play the piano, then we’ll have Young Master Lu to sing for us instead.”

Young Master Lu was unwilling and remarked, “Am I so cheap?”

‘Pfft! I have to sing when Yan Rusheng didn’t want to play the piano?’ thoughtYoung Master Lu.

Lu Yinan removed his gold-rimmed spectacles and plonked himself onto the couch. He took the set of polka cards on the coffee table and started playing with it.

“Who else is not here yet?” someone asked.

The person had barely finished speaking when the door opened. A beautiful image of a woman appeared. “So sorry, I’m late.”

There was a short-haired girl with a porcelain face devoid of makeup. She was smiling widely. From top to toe, she radiated vitality and dynamism.