Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 836

Chapter 836 What Again?

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When Lu Yinan heard the voice, he raised his head and looked towards the door. There was a look of disdain on his face. “Female hooligan, why are you here?”

The smile drained from Zhou Shuang’s face when she heard Lu Yinan’s words. She glared at him. “Sissy Lu. Can’t you say some nice words whenever we would meet?”

After rebutting Lu Yinan, she put on a smile again and looked at the rest.

Everyone fixed their attention on the words that Zhou Shuang used to address Lu Yinan . ‘Sissy Lu?’

“That’s an interesting term. We’ve known Master Lu for so long, but didn’t know that he could be a man and a sissy at the same time.”

“Scram!” Lu Yinan shot a menacing glare at those fellows before turning to look at Zhou Shuang. He flashed her a cold smile. “Calling you a female hooligan is an overstatement for you. From top to toe, which part of you looks like a woman?”

Zhou Shuang arrogantly flung her head back and ignored him. She caught sight of Zhao Zheng and was visibly startled. “Eh? Aren’t you… aren’t you…”

After trying to recall for quite a while, she finally remembered his name. “Zhao Zheng!”

Zhao Zheng laughed and nodded at her. “Zhou Shuang. I’m surprised that you still remember me.”

Zhou Shuang walked over and patted Zhao Zheng on his shoulders. She meaningfully raised her eyebrows at him. “Of course, I remember. You’re the son of our English teacher, and I’ve helped you pass love letters before.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

There were people who loved to shoot one’s mouth off, had no qualms about telling lies and are thick-skinned. If she had to look for such a person, Zhou Shuang would perfectly fit the bill.

Xuxu stood behind Zhou Shuang and gave her a hard pinch on her buttocks.

We can expect no good words from this wretched woman, just like Lu Yinan.

Zhao Zheng looked embarrassed. He merely smiled and couldn’t find a word to say.

This was because the love letter he had Zhou Shuang to pass around was meant for Xuxu.

“Sister Shuang, tell us. Zhao Zheng got you to pass the love letter to who? I remember our English teacher kept stressing that we were not allowed to date.”

Everyone was asking an obvious question.

Zhou Shuang knew that they did it on purpose and frowned as she spoke, “Our teacher also wanted us to study hard. Did you all study hard then?”

While everyone was laughing and having fun, Young Master Yan’s faced turned as black as the bottom of a saucepan. He gnashed his teeth and stared hard at Zhou Shuang. “She’s a downright hooligan. No wonder no one likes her.”

Xuxu turned and looked at him. “What? Were you planning to like her?”

Yan Rusheng immediately clammed up.

“I saw Jiang Zhuoheng when I was parking my car, so he should be here soon.” After Zhou Shuang said her piece, she deliberately averted her gaze and looked at Yan Rusheng’s expression.

Yan Rusheng twisted his thick eyebrows. “He’s here again?!”

“What again?” Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows. “Huh?”

There was a strong warning from her remarks. She could forget about how he treated Zhao Zheng, for he was also partly to blame for having no inkling of what’s in store for him.

But if he dared to embarrass Ah Heng at such a gathering, she wouldn’t let him off!

Ah Heng had always been giving in to him, okay?!

Yan Rusheng immediately shook his head and answered, “Nothing!”

Jiang Zhuoheng was the last person who everyone was waiting for, and he unintentionally became the most important guest of the party.

He was dressed in royal blue, and his breathtaking appearance stunned everyone. In terms of looks, Jiang Zhuoheng was undoubtedly the most handsome and exuded a gentle charisma. If it was Yan Rusheng or Ming Ansheng, they would give off a domineering aura in comparison.

He stepped in and smiled at everyone before walking towards the group.

“Ah Heng, if you continue to be so charming, we might fall for you.” Someone from the crowd teased and walked up to Jiang Zhuoheng with a smile on his face. He hugged him by his shoulders.