Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Revealing Your True Nature The Second You Open Your Mouth

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Jiang Zhuoheng let out a laugh before fixing his gaze at Xuxu.

Xuxu acknowledged him with a smile. “Ah Heng.”

The atmosphere turned awkward.

Everyone turned their eyes on Yan Rusheng at the same time.

Young Master Yan felt baffled that everyone was staring at him for no apparent reason.

“Is my face giving you thoughts of becoming gay as well?” He knitted his eyebrows and his expression turned chilly.

“No, no, no. Even if you turn gay, we also don’t want you.”

‘Can this bunch of fellows have some moral integrity?’Xuxu’s expression darkened. “Do you all still want to have dinner? Can you be more mindful with your words? There’s an underage girl with us.”

This group of people was here for dinner, but they have yet to even drink a drop of water.

As there were only three ladies among the group of men, they were all fighting to pull out chairs for them.

Xuxu was seated next to Su Yue as usual. Yan Rusheng pulled out the chair next to them to sit down.

But Zhou Shuang beat him to it. Like a thunderbolt, she snatched over the chair and plonked her buttocks onto it.

After she sat down, she lifted her eyebrows and smugly looked at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth and stared at her. “Didn’t your language teacher teach you the word‘conscientious‘?

Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes at him. “That’s a term and not a word.”

She ignored him after that. She then turned back to fiddle with the cutleries before her.

Yan Rusheng stood behind her, refusing to leave and someone teased him. “Third Yan, are you and Xuxu a pair of Siamese twins? Is it a must for you to sit together for all meals? In a few hours’ time, you can sleep on the same bed and get intimate as much as you want.”


“But it’s thecrucial periodnow, so Third Yan, you should take it easy.”

“” Xuxu felt it was a grave mistake to bring Su Yue along to this dinner gathering. She had forgotten about the true nature of this group of playboys.

Their words poked Young Master Yan at the place where it hurts the most.

He gnashed his teeth and cursed them in silence. If only he could sleep on the same bed tonight and get intimate with herit was really miserable!

Xuxu stuck out one leg and stepped hard on Yan Rusheng’s foot before giving him a stern look of warning. “Go and sit over there with Lu Yinan and the rest.”

This clingy guy, he’s not even afraid that others would make a joke out of him.

He was no doubt Madam Mu Li’s flesh and blood. Both mother and son were sticky and unbearable.

Yan Rusheng had no choice but to walk over to Lu Yinan. He sat down next to Jiang Zhuoheng.

He took a look at Jiang Zhuoheng as he sat down, and Jiang Zhuoheng returned the glance.

After their eyes met, both of them averted their gaze from each other.

Four pretty looking waitresses stood around the room, serving them tea. Each of them was tall and slender.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” A waitress had accidentally spilled some water on one of the young masters. She immediately apologized without ceasing.

He calmed her down with a smile. “It’s okay since a beauty had spilled it.”

He smiled and fixated his eyes on the pretty waitress, revealing his predatory character without a care in the world.

Someone sniggered, “He’s the most lecherous man, changing three women within a month. One day, he will die of excessive ejaculation!”

The topic was inappropriate for a child once again, and Ming Ansheng instinctively looked at Su Yue who was next to him. As usual, she kept her head bowed and wasn’t paying attention to the conversation. It seemed that she was oblivious to all the conversations that took place.

She was playing with her emerald green teacup with her small tender hands, probably because it was pretty looking. A faint smile broke out at the corners of her mouth.

Ming Ansheng’s expression unconsciously softened before turning to look at those fellows who were still engaged in lewd talks. “Stop revealing your true nature the second you open your mouth.”