Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 839

Chapter 839 That Spoiled And Unruly Princess

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Yan Rusheng wasnt at all embarrassed by it. Instead, he gave a wide blissful smile. "No point feeling jealous over it since all of you doesnt have a wife yet."

After that, he lazily leaned back on his chair and glanced at Zhao Zheng. His smile deepened. "Zhao Zheng should be the one to raise a toast since we havent met for over ten years. He should take the lead."

They were all speechless.

He had only given a love letter to your wife, and it had been years. Is there a need to go as far as this?

Zhao Zheng immediately lifted his wineglass and proudly stood on his feet. Looking at everyone, he earnestly said, "Youre right. Let me have drink a toast to all of you."

Immediately, someone from the group gave him a thumbs up. "Gracious indeed!"

"Ladies first, so let me first propose a toast to Xuxu." Zhao Zheng lifted his wineglass at Xuxu and smiled. "We havent for so many years, but youre still as gentle and beautiful."

In the midst of his words, his eyes revealed a look of affection.

After that, he drank up all the wine in his glass in one gulp.

Xuxu also stood up and took a sip of her beverage before sitting down again.

The atmosphere turned awkward again and everyone stole glances at Yan Rusheng.

Why couldnt Zhao Zheng just toast and bottoms up instead of spewing such nonsense? Those who were unaware might think he was provoking Yan Rusheng on purpose.

Meanwhile, Young Master Jiang was elegantly picking up nuts on a platter before him with his chopsticks. He was smiling all the while.

He seemed as if he was gloating at someones misfortune.

Is this fellow doing it on purpose?Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth and sharply glared at Zhao Zheng.

At that moment, the door to the VIP room flung open.

Everyone was astonished because if it was the waitresses, they would definitely knock before opening the door.

A tall and slender lady appeared before their eyes. She had long, wavy hair and was wearing a sexy camisole with a white jacket over it. She paired her dress with wine-colored harem pants, making her overall outfit modern and fashionable.

Everyone was visibly stunned before someone said, "Miss Tang."

"I ran into Yanting while shopping and she said that Ah Heng is here for a reunion," said Tang Feiling as she waltzed in. She smiled but lamented, "Youre too much. Dont you regard me as your old classmate too?"

Lu Yinan immediately smiled and walked up to her, attempting to explain, "No, no. Its all Ming Anshengs fault. We thought he would ask you along."

Since Ming Ansheng hated this fiancee so much, might as well shift the blame on him.

After finishing his sentence, he turned and took a peek at Ming Ansheng, whose face had already turned cold by now. He couldnt help but gloat at his misfortune.

Someone signaled to the waitress. "Waitress, bring one more set of cutleries over."

Tang Feiling said, "Wait a while. Yanting is here too."

She retraced her steps back to the door and stuck her head out to take a peek.

Someone asked in bewilderment. "Whos Yanting?"

Lu Yinan said, "Jiang Zhuohengs cousin, Xin Yanting."

Everyone then recalled. "Oh, oh, oh, I remember. That spoiled, unruly princess."

When Xin Yanting was young, she had stayed at the Jiang family for a few years and frequently visited them after that. So everyone knew who she was, but they were not on familiar terms.

When Jiang Zhuoheng heard that Xin Yanting was around, he frowned and looked towards the door.

"Hi brothers." Xin Yanting was stunningly dressed in a pink short-sleeved long dress. She smiled so sweetly while waving at the group.

Lu Yinan surveyed Xin Yanting before smiling. "I almost couldnt recognize you. Youve grown into a beauty now."