Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Punish Myself By Drinking Three Glasses

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After Lu Yinan made that compliment, someone immediately chimed in. “Yeah!”

Lu Yinan grabbed Xin Yanting with his right hand while the other hand grabbed Tang Feiling. “Come and join us.”

Tang Feiling went towards Ming Ansheng and stopped beside him.

Sitting on Ming Ansheng’s right was Su Yue while someone occupied the other seat.

Tang Feiling peered left and right and finally decided on Su Yue.

But Su Yue didn’t even raise her head, she was focused on carefully removing the bones from a piece of fish.

Tang Feiling’s expression changed when the person next to Ming Ansheng automatically stood. “Miss Tang, you can have my seat.”

He hastily shifted his cutlery away and vacated his seat.

“Third sister-in-law, this is for you.” Su Yue put the piece of fish in Xuxu’s bowl.

Ming Ansheng felt a strange feeling of envy as he glanced at the piece of fish.

He completely ignored his fiancée, Miss Tang, who sat down beside him.

Xuxu picked up the fish and popped it inside her mouth with a smile. She said to Su Yue, “You should eat some, too.”

This young lass was so sweet when she was being thoughtful.

Tang Feiling glared at Su Yue with a murderous stare. Meanwhile, on the other side, Xin Yanting walked to Jiang Zhuoheng and greeted him cheerfully. “Brother.”

Then she walked past him and to Lu Yinan. She then stared at him.

It puzzled Lu Yinan. “Hmmm, why are you staring at me?”

Zhou Shuang, who was relatively quiet, suddenly interjected, “You’re so hotand handsome, it would be weird not to stare at you.”

Xin Yanting chuckled. “Yes, Brother Lu is too handsome.”

“No one would treat you as a mute even if you keep your mouth shut.” Lu Yinan glared at Zhou Shuang.

Xin Yanting’s voice rang once again. “Brother Lu, can you vacate your seat?”

“Huh?” It confused Lu Yinan. “Why do you want my seat?”

If she wanted to sit with Jiang Zhuoheng, it should be Yan Rusheng who should vacate his seat.

It puzzled the rest, too.

Xin Yanting smiled. “I haven’t met Yan Rusheng for such a long time, so I feel like drinking with him. Brother Lu can you grant me my wish?”

This decision wasn’t up to him as he didn’t have the right to decide.

Lu Yinan glanced at Xuxu.

Xuxu lowered her head as though she was nonchalant about the entire matter. She carried on eating.

The atmosphere became strained and tensed, and everyone seemed to hold their breath. Everyone’s eyes darted back and forth between Xuxu and Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu seemed nonchalant and didn’t respond at all. Yan Rusheng leaned against his chair, looking sullen.

“Yanting!” Jiang Zhuoheng lifted an eyebrow, looking annoyed. He glanced at Xin Yanting and called her.

Yanting didn’t back down. Instead, she smiled at him. “Brother, why don’t you let me have your seat?”

She raised her legs and turned a different direction.

Lu Yinan stopped her. “Alright, alright. I’ll let you have my seat.”

He picked up his set of cutlery and changed places.

“Thank you, Brother Lu.” Xin Yanting thanked Lu Yinan and sat down. A waiter placed a new set of cutlery before her. She then poured a glass of wine for herself.

She raised her glass for a toast and addressed the entire room. “Tang Feiling and I were late. I shall punish myself by drinking three glasses.”

She threw her head back and gulped down the entire glass.

She followed up with another two glasses in a swift motion.