Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 841

Chapter 841 I Shall Take A Sip

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After drinking three glasses, she poured the fourth one and raised it up to give a toast to Yan Rusheng. Her red lips seductively curled up. “Yan Rusheng, don’t you think there is a need for you to apologize for what happened at the hotel the other day?”

‘What happened? Were they at a hotel?’

Everyone widened their eyes in confusion. Even Xuxu’s eyes uneasily flickered.

She raised her head and glanced at Yan Rusheng and Xin Yanting.

Ming Ansheng hastily clarified, “Don’t be mistaken. That day, Third Yan and I had to attend to some matters. We bumped into Miss Xin in the elevator at the hotel.”

He glanced at Su Yue for support. “Yueyue, it was that day when we brought you to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Do you still remember? You ate ten chicken wings.”

Tang Feiling’s face instantly fell. Ming Ansheng had brought this lass to some measly fast-food restaurant to eat junk food?

He didn’t even want to go to fine-dining places with her.

At the thought of that, a streak of hatred flashed across her beautiful eyes. She gnashed her teeth in anger. She was furious!

Su Yue heard Ming Ansheng calling her, and she slowly raised her head. The gravy from the chicken wings she was eating had stained the corners of her mouth. Her sparkling black eyes stared at Ming Ansheng’s gorgeous face.

Ming Ansheng was getting impatient.

“I don’t remember.” Su Yue shook her head and continued to devour her chicken wings.

Young Master Ming and Young Master Yan had the same exact expressionexasperated and annoyed. The corners of their mouths twitched.

Didn’t her teacher impart to her the importance of honesty? Was it a good idea to lie?

It happened recently, and they didn’t believe that she had forgotten it.

“Yan Rusheng, I never thought you’re a henpecked husband.” Yanting gazed at Yan Rusheng. Contempt and sarcasm could be felt through her tone and expression.

Yan Rusheng coldly lifted an eyebrow. “What does it have to do with you?”

Xin Yanting sneered. “It’s embarrassing for a man to be henpecked.”

She persistently pressed on. ”Hmph. You have to apologize to me regarding that day.”

Yan Rusheng gave a fleeting smile and said, “Apologies, Miss Xin. In my dictionary, the wordsSorry, Thank youandI love youare reserved for my wife. No one else deserves them!”

His last sentence sounded extra annoyed.

Xin Yanting instantly flushed scarlet. “You’ll regret it.”

She had been spoiled since she was young, and everyone doted and pampered her. When had she received such treatment?

It was a plain insult.

Yan Rusheng’s smile remained unchanged. “Oh, and the word regret is only for my wife too.”

It enraged Xin Yanting, and she was about to make a retort when Yan Rusheng interjected. “Miss Xin, you’ve been groomed and educated to be a fine and gracious lady. But you had to use such a crude method to attract the attention of a married man before the eyes of so many people. Don’t you think you have degraded yourself?”

His mouth curled upwards into a smile that resembled a smirk.

“Yan” Xin Yanting’s hand was gripping the wine glass tightly as she tried to speak. But Yan Rusheng cut across her once more. “Today, I shall not humiliate you any further on account of Jiang Zhuoheng. I shall drink this glass.”

“You!” Xin Yanting was fuming with anger.

Yan Rusheng interrupted again. “If you think that this glass is too much and you can’t accept my graciousness, I shall take a sip.”