Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 842

Chapter 842 If Youre Not Eating Then Leave With Me

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"Pfft Pfft!"

Zhou Shuang, who was sitting across from them, finally couldnt suppress her laughter anymore. She bowed her head and spat out rice as though her mouth was a spray.

Actually, when she spat out her rice for the first time, she had tried to suppress it. But she failed and ended up bursting in laughter, spraying rice all over her lap and table.

She rested her head on the table and continued to shake with laughter.

Xin Yanting felt that Yan Rusheng had embarrassed her entirely in front of so many people. Now to add insult to her injury, Zhou Shuang laughed at her.

She threw her a murderous glare. "What are you laughing at? What is so funny?"

Xin Yanting, who was boiling with anger, threw a sharp question at Zhou Shuang.

Zhou Shuang contained her laughter and shook her head. "No, it has nothing to do with you. I just received a text, and it was a hilarious sexual joke. Do you want to hear it?"

She raised her phone and offered it to Xin Yanting.

As she was still trying to stifle her laughter, Zhou Shuangs face contorted.

"Im not interested." Xin Yanting coldly snubbed her and looked away.

Hmph!As long as Zhou Shuang wasnt mocking her.

Xuxu bit her lips for she had an urge to laugh too. She pinched Zhou Shuangs thigh as hard as she could under the table.

Could this woman control her behavior? She had always been a frivolous and scatterbrained person. She was the only one laughing in the room.

Zhou Shuang winced in pain and she turned to glare at Xuxu. Her eyes seemed to ask Xuxu for the unwarranted pinch.

Xin Yantings eyes landed on Yan Rusheng again. She scoffed. "Yan Rusheng, whats so great about you?"

Yan Rusheng casually disputed, "There is nothing great about me."

When someone is trying to pick a fight with you but you arent interested, there is no doubt the other party will explode with anger.

It was exactly where Xin Yanting was at that moment. She was literally hopping mad with Yan Rushengs attitude and remarks. "Yan Rusheng, you kissed me when we were kids and you promised to marry me when we grow up. Have you forgotten?"


Lu Yinan, who had just drunk a mouthful of soup, spurted out everything barely a second after he heard Xin Yantings accusation.

Li Yun seized the opportunity and patted Lu Yinan on his back. He chided him, "What is wrong with you and Zhou Shuang? Both of you keep spitting food. Are you trying to stop all of us from eating?"

He attempted to change the topic to relieve the tensed atmosphere in the room.

"Yan Rusheng, you didnt keep your word."

What was the situation?

Yan Rusheng glanced at Xin Yanting and coldly raised his eyebrows. "Why dont I remember promising you that I would marry you?"

"That year, you gave me a ring. It was a plastic ring from a candy, but wasnt that a token of promise? Ive kept it with me since then."

Xin Yanting ranted and rummaged through her bag for a plastic ring. She slammed it on the table, in front of Yan Rusheng.

No one gave the plastic ring any significance. It was merely a toy that came along with a candy.

How could it be a token or considered a promise?

But to Xuxu, she felt indignant and upset. She and Yan Rusheng played pretend when they were younger, and they had exchanged plastic rings when they were young.

And she still kept it as well.

So there was another woman like her who had kept the plastic ring as if it was a precious jewelboth of which were given by Ah Sheng.

Jiang Zhuoheng finally lashed out when he noticed the change in Xuxus expression. He roared at Xin Yanting. "Xin Yanting, enough!"

"Brother," whined Xin Yanting, and she frowned.

Jiang Zhuoheng was still livid and rage was clearly etched on his face. "If youre not eating, then leave with me."