Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Utterly Dumbfounded By Her Foolishness

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To ease the tension, Lu Yinan hastily chimed in, “That’s enough, Yanting. You’ve brought your joke too far and if you carry on, your third sister-in-law will be angry.”

He glanced at Wen Xuxu and saw she had lowered her head. She seemed to be nonchalant about the entire conversation as she picked up food with her chopsticks and dropped them into her bowl.

The event was a very much anticipated classmates’ reunion, and everyone was looking forward to it. She didn’t want to leave on an unhappy note since they had all known each other. Even if she wasn’t close to them, Yan Rusheng still had to mingle and hang out with them.

Xin Yanting realized that Jiang Zhuoheng was exceedingly furious, so she kept mum for fear of incurring his wrath. But she still couldn’t take it lying down. She resorted to staring at Xuxu with fury in her eyes. ” Hmph. She should have been my cousin-in-law.”

She then stole a fleeting glance at Jiang Zhuoheng and saw how he had shot her a murderous glare.

Jiang Zhuoheng’s glare didn’t intimidate Yanting, rather her heart ached for her cousin. She pursed her lips and picked up some food and ate. She said rather reluctantly, “Alright then, I shall not pursue it any further.”

Being the prideful and spoiled princess that she was, her pride naturally got in the way and she made a vow to Yan Rusheng. “Yan Rusheng, you will regret this one day. And someday, you will beg for me!”

Then she continued eating as though none of it happened. She stuffed her mouth with food.

She continued gobbling and drank her wine, ignoring everyone around her.

Everyone on the table had been watching her putting on a scene.

‘You will regret this one day. And someday, you will beg for me!’

Usually, such words came from Yan Rusheng’s mouth, and Xin Yanting might be the first person ever to say it to him.

Everyone thought this young lady was being too ignorant and had overestimated her own capabilities. No matter how huge Paramount was, they couldn’t possibly topple Flourish & Prosper. How dare she threaten Yan Rusheng?

However, everyone understood where she was stemming from. She had been pampered and doted since she was born, how could she possibly know her own limits?

No one took Xin Yanting’s words to heart.

The room fell silent after Xin Yanting created such an uproar. Everyone ate dinner in silence, and no one went around toasting.

“Zhao Zheng, you haven’t finished toasting. Please continue!”

“Oh yeah! You need to continue.”

“Oh… okay.” Zhao Zheng forced a smile and raised his wineglass. He passed by Xuxu and went to Su Yue. “Are you Yueyue?”

Su Yue murmured, and she mimicked what she saw Xuxu did earlier on during the toast. She rose and raised her cup.

But someone remarked, “Little Yueyue is almost an adult, so drinking a little wine wouldn’t hurt. Let her drink that instead.”

The person barely ended his suggestion when three people shot eye daggers at him.

The first one was Wen Xuxu, the second was Ming Ansheng, and the last person was Yan Rusheng.

How dare this fellow goad his under-aged sister into drinking? Does he have a death wish?

“Mingzi, that’s enough. She is still in high school,” calmly spoke Ming Ansheng as he suppressed his anger to the person who suggested it.

He waved his hands to express his apology. “Okay, I’m wrong. I shall drink a glass as a punishment.”

He raised his glass and gulped down within seconds.

“Actually, Mingzi isn’t wrong. Why can’t high school students drink? Most of them are already going to bars and pubs. In our current society, high school students aren’t as innocent as what we assumed.”

Her lazy drawl sounded exceedingly sarcastic.

Although everyone knew that Miss Tang had a loose tongue, her words were simply too dumb and everyone was utterly dumbfounded by her foolishness.