Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Lets Drink An Entire Bottle

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Was Tang Feiling out of her mind?

This young girl was Yan Rusheng’s sister!

Yan Rusheng and Xuxu instantly became stony-faced, but the person who was seething with anger was Ming Ansheng.

However, Su Yue had leaped to her feet before anyone jumped to her defense. She grabbed a bottle of wine nearby and placed it before her. She coldly stared at Tang Feiling. “Then let’s drink a bottle each.”

What? A bottle?

Everyone present was flabbergasted and stared at Su Yue with their eyes wide open.

Including Wen Xuxu.

No one could believe that a young lass like her would say something soto put it bluntlycrazy.

Most importantly, they thought Su Yue looked like such an innocent girl. She definitely couldn’t finish a bottle without puking.

Tang Feiling sneered. “Young lass, are you kidding me? You want to compete with me and drink an entire bottle?”

Su Yue spoke with ice coating her every word. “If you don’t dare to drink, then shut up.”

“Alright! You have some nerve!”

There was someone more aggressive at the table, and this woman was none other than Zhou Shuang.

She had incredibly applauded Su Yue for telling Tang Feiling off and even asking her to shut up.

Xuxu turned around to glare at her.

‘Why is this fellow jumping in to add on to the chaos?’

Xuxu knew Tang Feiling well, she would definitely agree to this challenge.

As expected, Tang Feiling abruptly rose and to the waiter she yelled, “Get me a bottle!”

“Tang Feiling!” Ming Ansheng’s eyes were blazing with fury. It seemed he was about to devour Tang Feiling. He jumped up to his feet in seconds.

Everyone rushed to hold him back. “Ming Ansheng, calm down. They are just fooling around. Why do you have to lose your temper?”

Tang Feiling felt aggrieved and gazed at Ming Ansheng and reproached him. “Ming Ansheng, why are you shouting at me? Didn’t you see she challenged me?”

The imprudent young lass was provoking her. How could she lose to her?

She needed to show Su Yue who she really was.

Ming Ansheng’s actions didn’t move Su Yue, and her pretty face remained aloof. She stared at Tang Feiling and asked, “Do you know how to play the piano?”

Tang Feiling smugly lifted her chin and answered, “Of course.”

She was the daughter of the prestigious Tang family. Horse riding, piano, golf all of which were basic lessons any child of a wealthy family had to learn.

“Good!” Su Yue nodded. “We’re not allowed to go to the washrooms and after drinking the bottle, we take turns to play a tune on the piano. Everyone here can decide who the winner is.”

Su Yue had amazed everyone.

The girl seemed frail and delicate, so why was she so confident?

They haven’t had such detailed and crazy drinking challenges before.

It startled Tang Feiling. With gritted teeth, she replied, “Alright.”

“Alright.” Su Yue grabbed the bottle and said to the waiter, “Open the bottle for me, please.”

Xuxu hurriedly rose to stop her. “Yueyue.”

How could she drink? Besides that, Tang Feiling wasn’t someone to trifle with.

Su Yue turned to smile at her. “Third sister-in-law, if I get drunk, can you send me home?”

It shocked Xuxu!

‘Yueyue, if I get drunk, can you send me back home?’

She said that to her before and that time, she felt terrible and upset.

Was Su Yue feeling the same way right now? Tang Feiling had intentionally provoked her and mocked her.

Yueyue finally acted like how a normal person would or being crazy like someone her age ought to be!

Xuxu felt relieved all of a sudden and she nodded firmly. “Sure.”