Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Finished Drinking

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Seeing her nod her head, Ming Ansheng grew anxious that he wanted to stop her. However, Xuxu eyed him with a meaningful look, and he fell silent.

Since her brother and her sister-in-law didn’t stop her, why should he?

At most, he could only criticize Tang Feiling, this bothersome woman.

The waitress opened two bottles of red wine for Su Yue and Tang Feiling each. The entire atmosphere turned tensed and stifling all of a sudden.

Su Yue poured the remaining content of her beverage into Xuxu’s glass before filling it with red wine. She finished the wine in one gulp before refilling it with more.

Witnessing this, everyone broke out in a cold sweat.

Although Xuxu agreed to it, seeing the way Su Yue drank, her heart ached. She clenched her fists tightly.

Tang Feiling didn’t want to be outdone, so she also gulped down the wine—glass after glass.

During this stretch of time, no one spoke a word. There was complete silence. Even Zhou Shuang was unusually quiet.

Yan Rusheng’s face turned ashen, and his eyes were blazing with coldness as he stared at Tang Feiling.

After drinking half a bottle, Xin Yanting suddenly leaned over to Yan Rusheng and whispered, “Yan Rusheng, this other sister of yours is rather bold.”

Her tone was full of admiration, but sarcasm filled her way of addressing Su Yue.

Other sister…

Perhaps it was because Xin Yanting was seated next to Yan Rusheng that Xuxu couldn’t help but feel she was like a beaming beacon—any slight movement from Xin Yanting drew her attention away.

The way she leaned closed to Yan Rusheng’s ears seemed so intimate.

Before Yan Rusheng could crane his neck to the side, Xuxu fixed her gaze on him, and he immediately stood up.

All of a sudden, without warning, Yan Rusheng’s shoulders accidentally hit Xin Yanting on her head. She gritted her teeth in pain.

She stood up and stomped her feet as she pointed at Yan Rusheng who had already left his seat. “Yan Rusheng, do you call yourself a man? Fancy hitting a woman.”

Xuxu felt that Miss Xin loved making trouble with no rhyme or reason.

If she hadn’t leaned towards her husband, would he have knocked into her?

Yan Rusheng ignored Xin Yanting and headed straight for Xuxu, stretching out his hand to hug her by the waist.

Xuxu tried to dodge but didn’t escape from his long arms.

“I really have no recollection about that ring.” Yan Rusheng guessed that Xuxu must bear a grudge regarding that ring incident that Xin Yanting brought up earlier on. Hence, he explained in a whisper, “You should know that type of sweet was very popular when we were young. I swear I’ve only exchanged rings with you alone.”

Xuxu continued looking at Su Yue and disregarded Yan Rusheng. Yan Rusheng had already explained himself, but she still felt sore in her heart.

She thought Xin Yanting wouldn’t have made baseless claims. Yan Rusheng must have given the ring to her in the context of a candy with no further meaning.

And just like her, she had kept the ring like a treasure when all these years. She had actually thought that her ring was the one and only.

“Wife, you got to trust me. My oath of undying love is for you only.” Oblivious to the surrounding people, Young Master Yan kept pestering Xuxu like a sticky child. He bent down and placed his chin on her shoulders, occasionally pouting.

“Alright, stop being so disgusting.” Xuxu raised her shoulders to shrug him off and glared in annoyance.

Amongst the crowd, a pair of eyes were staring at Xuxu and Yan Rusheng instead of Su Yue and Tang Feiling.

Seeing their intimate behavior, there was a hint of regret and unwillingness in their eyes.

“Finished drinking, finished drinking.”

Su Yue overturned the bottle and filled up the final glass to the brim. She raised the glass to her mouth and gulped it down.