Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Your Turn

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The wine was liquid after all. Even if the entire bottle of wine caused no adverse effect on the body, it was enough to make one’s tummy feel bloated, and so Sue drunk more slowly.

All of a sudden, someone took the lead and applauded. “Marvelous. This little pretentious one was indeed superb!”

That’s right, it was Zhou Shuang again.

After she took the lead, the rest followed suit. They applauded Su Yue to encourage her.

Finally, Su Yue raised her head in a heroic manner and left not a drop of wine in her bottle.


There was an outburst of clapping among the group.

Tang Feiling also finished the last drop of her wine. Seeing everyone turn their attention on Su Yue, she burst with rage that her alcohol flushed face turned even redder.

She put down her wineglass, looked at Su Yue haughty. “We still need to play the piano.”

Su Yue looked at her and mumbled, “You first.”

Tang Feiling arrogantly raised her chin. There was a hint of a disdainful smile at the corners of her mouth. “You go first. Otherwise, people will say that I bully a kid.”

Su Yue’s response was unenthusiastic as usual. “I’ve read the story about Kong Rong giving up the bigger pears for his older brothers, so you go first.”

“You’ve all heard her. She insisted that I go first. So don’t accuse me of bullying her.”

Tang Feiling looked at everyone in the room before walking towards the piano. She knew her own alcohol limits. She would definitely be tipsy after finishing an entire bottle of wine and won’t be able to hold up much longer.

That was why she didn’t insist and had refused Su Yue’s suggestion.

Since the alcohol hadn’t taken its full effect in her body, she wanted to seize the opportunity to play a beautiful piece for everyone to triumph over that wretched lass.

Tang Feiling sat in front of the piano and placed her hands on the keys. She put on a smile at everyone before moving her fingers.

She played the popular piece ‘Ode to Joy’ by Beethoven.

She sat upright and nimbly moved her fingers along the keys while maintaining a confident smile at the corners of her mouth.

But the alcohol took effect much faster than she had expected. Her head spun, and she hit the wrong notes at a certain part.

It wasn’t obvious to those who didn’t play the piano but where she was at, who couldn’t play the piano?

Especially Yan Rusheng.

There was a hint of ridicule at the corners of his mouth. Xuxu saw this, and she knitted her eyebrows. She asked, “What’s wrong?”

She was clueless about the piano. She learned it when she was young, but gave up in the end for she realized she didn’t have an innate musical talent.

If someone asked her to play it impromptu, she would probably play a few pieces that she had played before. Then again, she wouldn’t be able to play it well.

Yan Rusheng smiled and leaned over to Xuxu. He whispered, “Out of tune.”

“Really?” Baffled, Xuxu frowned. How come she didn’t notice it?

Furthermore, this was one of her favorite pieces, and she was drawn to the song right from the start.

“Ode to joy. I’ve finished playing. Thank you.”

Tang Feiling held on to the piano frame and slowly stood up before taking an elegant bow at everyone.

In actual fact, she was buying time for she was feeling extremely dizzy. If she were to step out in a haste, she would take a stumble.


After someone took the lead and applauded, the rest followed suit.

Even Young Master Yan also ‘gave face’ and clapped as he fixed his gaze at Ming Ansheng meaningfully.

Ming Ansheng’s expression turned solemn. He was the only one in the group who didn’t sound his applause.

Hearing the thunderous claps, Tang Feiling felt smug and moved towards Su Yue and said, “Your turn.”

“Alright.” Su Yue’s face had turned flush from the effects of the alcohol. She nodded at Tang Feiling and prepared to walk towards the piano.