Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 848

Chapter 848 Yan Rusheng Youre A Jerk

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Her hatred for Su Yue was written all over her face.

Su Yue still maintained the innocent and harmless look on her face. “Any music played using the piano is known as a piano piece.”

“You’re obviously acting dumb.” Tang Feiling snarled. “Since you’re still a child, it’s fine for me to give in to you. But you shouldn’t be feigning dumbness.”

Her voice got louder.

Su Yue impatiently knitted her eyebrows. “I don’t want to talk to you anymore and don’t talk to me, too. You’re too noisy.”

She waved her hand and walked back to her seat to sit down.

The alcohol had made her throat dry, so she took Xuxu’s beverage and gulped it in one down.

Tang Feiling couldn’t take it lying down. She pressed her hands on the table to support herself and took a huge step towards Su Yue. She threw her some dagger stares. “What kind of attitude is this? You’re the one who said you wanted to drink an entire bottle to see who has a higher tolerance for alcohol. Not only are you feigning dumb, but you had the cheek to say that I’m in the wrong?”

“You’re really noisy. I don’t like you at all.” Su Yue stretched out her hands and gave Tang Feiling a push before turning back to hug Xuxu. She pressed her face on her tummy and gently massaged it. She said, “Little babies come quick and call me auntie.”

All of them were speechless.

The little lass was heavily drunk.

Su Yue’s push caused Tang Feiling to stumble a few steps backward and almost fell. She was about to confront Su Yue when Ming Ansheng’s cold voice sounded from behind. “Tang Feiling, it’s enough!”

The next moment, his towering figured rushed towards her and grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the room.

“Ming Ansheng, what are you trying to do?”

Someone immediately ran after them, for the person was afraid that Ming Ansheng might use physical force on Tang Feiling. He looked especially frightening as though he was about to shred Tang Feiling into pieces.

“Mingzi, quickly follow after them. Tang Feiling is Old Master Tang’s precious!”

After Ming Ansheng had dragged Tang Feiling away, the dining room quietened down.

Everyone stared at each other.

“Tang Feiling is really a low class. It’s meaningless to get so tough and serious with a kid.” Xin Yanting frowned and said, “No wonder she kept ranting that Ming Ansheng did not like her and did not want to accompany her to this dinner. If I was a man, I’d also not fall for a dumb woman like her.”

They had been friends for so many years, and what she had witnessed made her jaws drop.

All of them were speechless.

She made it sound as if she was full of wisdom.

Even though at times she talks without thinking twice, what she said was true. No one would want a woman like Tang Feiling.

Putting past incidents aside, just the way she kept harping on Su Yue earlier was enough for people to despise her.

Su Yue was still tightly hugging Xuxu by her thighs, but her eyes were closed and she seemed half asleep.

What was the feeling after drinking an entire bottle of wine? Xuxu couldn’t imagine, and so she just kept stroking Su Yue’s face, feeling sorry for her. She looked at Yan Rusheng and said, “Su Yue is drunk. Let’s go home.”

Yan Rusheng lightly nodded his head. “Mm.”

After that, he raised his feet and walked back to his seat to retrieve his jacket.

Xin Yanting suddenly stood up and looked at Yan Rushen. She questioned him in a huff. “Yan Rusheng, you intend to leave just like that?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t even bother to look at her. He took his jacket and walked away.

“Yan Rusheng, you’re such a jerk!” Xin Yanting angrily stomped her feet and her slender waist violently swayed.

Seeing such an event, everyone thought Miss Xin was dumber than Tang Feiling.

Behaving so coquettishly and blatantly seducing someone else’s husband before everyone’s eyes.