Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Give Me A Kiss

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Xuxu volunteered. “I’ll help her wash up.”

She removed her shoes and strode towards the bathroom. She then brought a basin of water.

Su Yan had placed Su Yue on her bed and removed her shoes and socks.

Xuxu placed the basin on the floor and wrung a cloth after she had dipped it into the water. She wiped her face and neck before removing her jacket.

Su Yan watched her from a corner and waited until Xuxu was done before he bent to get the basin. He said, “Xuxu, I’ve hired an assistant for you. She will report to work tomorrow.”

Both of them conversed as they walked out of the room.

Su Yan’s words caught Yan Rusheng’s attention, and he glanced warily at Su Yan. “Is the assistant a lady or a man?”

Su Yan ignored his wariness and casually replied, “A girl and she is an intern who just graduated from university.”

Xuxu nodded and didn’t ask any questions. She walked to the bathroom with the basin.

After Xuxu had made way inside the bathroom, Yan Rusheng looked at Su Yan with a cold gaze. “I really wish that your company will go bust soon.”

Su Yan snarled, “I also wish that Flourish & Prosper would go bankrupt soon.”

He paused before continuing. “She is enjoying her work, so you should support her.”

Yan Rusheng snorted. “I know you have ulterior motives.”

Su Yan replied in disdain, “Not everyone is as petty as you. Stop trying to project your shortcomings on someone else.”

“Ha.” Yan Rusheng gave a dry chuckle. “Your use of idioms has improved.”

Su Yan smugly rolled his eyes.

Xuxu exited the bathroom and glanced at Yan Rusheng. “Let’s go.”

“Alright.” Yan Rusheng nodded as he walked towards Xuxu.

“See you tomorrow, Su Yan.” Xuxu waved goodbye.

Su Yan nodded with a smile. “See you tomorrow.”

He sent them out of the house and closed the door.

“That guy is looking at you in an ambiguous and suspicious way.” Yan Rusheng spun his head to glare at Su Yan’s apartment with animosity.

His jealousy rendered Xuxu speechless for a while. “Can you stop being so petty? Who else has been looking at me in the correct way? Zhao Zheng? Ah Heng?”

“Argh, damn it!” Yan Rusheng bent and put his arms underneath Xuxu’s thighs. The next second, he scooped her up without the effort. “Wen Xuxu, you’re such a bothersome and alluring woman. Stop attracting the attention of other men!”

He raised his legs and marched into the elevator.

Xuxu got a shock when he lifted her up without warning. She tightly wound her arms around his neck and peered at him like a domineering queen. ” Hmph!Who is the one attracting the attention of other women? The ring is the evidence!”

Yan Rusheng steered the conversation out of dangerous waters. “Give me a kiss.”

Xuxu punched him as she avoided him bashfully. “Shameless!”

“Give me a kiss.”

“Stop it! We are in the elevator! Yan Rusheng!”

It was a Monday and there was a usual management meeting.

Yan Rusheng returned to his office after the meeting, and he was surprised when he opened the door. However, he quickly reverted to his calm and aloof self. “First Aunt.”


Qiao Jian had just returned and was about to announce Jiang Qinglian’s arrival. When he saw that Yan Rusheng had already met her, he clammed up.

Jiang Qinglian was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. With a soft tone of voice, she said, “I’m here to look for Attorney Xiao.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t respond and simply strode into the room and shut the door.

His phone rang, so he whipped it out from his pocket. After glancing at the screen, he answered.