Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Do Try To Console Her

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“President Yan, First Madam just called me to meet her at the company.”

Attorney Xiao was on the other line.

“Got it,” Yan Rusheng replied and hung up.

“I’ll go outside to wait for him.” Jiang Qinglian slung her handbag over her arm and rose to leave.

She was wearing high heels, and her originally chubby figure had visibly shrunk in the last few days.

Yan Rusheng watched as Jiang Qinglian left. The words he wanted to say seemed to choke his throat.

He held his white porcelain cup and took a sip of the coffee that had gone cold. He then placed it down.

He turned on his laptop and began working. After an hour, Attorney Xiao arrived.

He was carrying a briefcase that seemed to be bursting with documents. He walked towards Yan Rusheng and offered a bow of respect. “President.”

Yan Rusheng raised his head and slumped against the back of his chair. He propped a hand on the arm of his swivel chair and massaged his temples.

Attorney Xiao briefly scanned him. He seemed to hesitate before he carefully spoke. “First Madam has instructed me to sign the transfer documents in the afternoon.”

Yan Rusheng nodded. “Got it.”

He sounded exhausted.

Attorney Xiao became hesitant and whispered, “First Madam, she… wanted to sell her shares to—”

Yan Rusheng finished his sentence on his behalf. “Paramount.”

Yan Rusheng’s face visibly darkened, and it made Attorney Xiao shudder a little. He bowed his head and didn’t dare to make another sound.

Paramount and Flourish & Prosper had a disagreement decades ago. When Old Madam Wang was alive, she had excellent connections that extended overseas. This made everyone in the industry look at her in awe of her capability and character.

The only person who had an argument with her was Jiang Shaomei, who had recently become the CEO of Paramount. Paramount then wasn’t as established and large as it was now. Its glory and achievements were all because of Jiang Shaomei.

But her reputation wasn’t as good for she had resorted to unscrupulous methods to achieve what she wanted.

So, when Attorney Xiao wanted to break the news that Jiang Qinglian intended to sell her shares earlier on, Yan Rusheng was anxious for both himself and Jiang Qinglian.

There were so many eager prospective buyers waiting to get a slice of Flourish & Prosper, and yet she chose Paramount.

Was she intentionally trying to go against the Yan family and President Yan?

“You may leave,” Yan Rusheng said. He sounded cold and distant.

Attorney Xiao didn’t dare to dawdle and promptly left the room.

After he had shut the door softly after him, he heard loud shattering sounds.

Attorney Xiao badly trembled.

The porcelain cup smashed into tiny fragments on the floor, and the coffee splashed everywhere.

Yan Rusheng stood up and walked to the windows. As he walked, he adjusted his collar.

‘Third Yan, I’m leaving the company and the family in your care. You must promise me not to let the family fall apart. I didn’t really take care of Rusen and Runan, and I know it’s unfair to them. But your First Aunt is a good person, and if something, and I mean if anything really happens to your First Uncle’s family, you have to step up to take charge. I feel that your First Aunt is the person I have let down the most in my entire life.’

‘Your First Uncle and First Aunt’s marriage is an interlinked arrangement. Your First Uncle’s personality—anyway, First Aunt had done a lot for the family. If she falls out with your First Uncle in the future, do try to console her.’