Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Too Awesome

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Yan Rusheng’s eyes were slightly bloodshot. He clenched his fists.

‘You must promise me not to let the family fall apart Do try and console her’

No matter how far Grandmother had planned ahead, never would she have imagined that Yan Runan would commit such a crime.

Xuxu was barely getting used to her new job when something unfortunate happened in the family. After taking a break from work, she felt unaccustomed once more. She stared at the blank paper and couldn’t seem to brew any inspirations.

Su Yan said he would send the client’s details over, and the client would be personally dropping by as well to get her measurements done.

She thought perhaps she would be inspired when she met the client in person.

Xuxu rested her head against her hand while she fiddled with a pencil, entering a daze.

“Sister Xuxu, it’s time for lunch,” said her assistant as she knocked on her door.

Xuxu responded and began tidying her desk. She then went down.

Her assistant was from the Southern part of the country, and she had graduated from A University in the capital city. She was a petite and tiny girl who studied Finance but had a passion for photography.

Xuxu followed her assistant down the staircase.

Her assistant had placed the food on the coffee table at the reception area earlier on. Xuxu walked over and her assistant opened the containers.

“Li Qian, take a seat as well.”

It was her first time stepping into society and it was her first job. The younger girl was a nerve wreck. Hence, Xuxu acted very warmly and friendly towards her.

As she watched her assistant, it reminded her of herself when she had just graduated. Although Yan Rusheng often scolded her, she was constantly reminded of Grandmother. Hence, she didn’t try to be too friendly or overly nice to her colleagues at Flourish & Prosper on purpose.

She never thought she would be superior to others even with Grandmother backing her up. She just treated her job with a normal attitude.

It was probably the reason everyone thought she was aloof and arrogant. Usually, most of the new employees, especially the girls, were all exceptionally polite and humble whenever they faced senior colleagues. They also ran errands or served tea.

But when her colleagues got to know her better, they began to understand her character.

“Sister Xuxu, there you go.” Li Qian opened the container and scooped the rice into a bowl. She passed it to Xuxu. Her delicate face wore a bashful smile.

Xuxu quipped. “I can do it myself. You don’t have to help me. Sit down and eat as well.”

She took her own bowl and scooped some rice.

She wasn’t used to eating from a container. In the past, when she worked at Flourish & Prosper, she would also scoop rice into a bowl even though she bought food back for Yan Rusheng and herself every day.

Li Qian held her bowl and sat across Xuxu. She took a piece of meat. As she ate, she gazed at Xuxu with admiration. “Sister Xuxu, I heard that you graduated from X University. You’re too awesome!”

Xuxu grinned. “You’re from the Capital City’s A University. Surely it’s better than B City’s X University?”

Both universities were on par.

Li Qian shook her head modestly. “No, it’s notthatgood. I heard that you did your postgraduate studies as well.”

Xuxu didn’t take the intern’s humble words to heart. She smiled and continued, “Your school is considered the top in the Capital City in terms of facilities and educators.”

She remembered that Zhao Zheng had told her so yesterday.

Oh, and Zhao Zheng was teaching at A University.

Li Qian pouted and replied, “That’s what our school claims and then it gradually spread across. Actually, we’re not that good.”

Xuxu wasn’t really interested in this topic. Hence, she merely smiled quietly.

She presumed that Li Qian must be quite inexperienced as it was her first job. She should be a chatty and lively girl in private.