Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Not Satisfied With Her As Her Designer

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Li Qian didn’t continue the topic, and they ate their lunch in silence.


Su Yan arrived while they were still having lunch. He entered and called Xuxu’s name.

Xuxu glanced at him. His presence had her stunned, and a glint of surprise swiftly flashed across her eyes.

A tall, slim, beautiful lady stood behind Su Yan. She had huge elaborate curls that rested on her shoulders. She wore a pair of over-sized sunglasses and an orange chiffon shirt paired with a pair of tight white pants. On her feet was a pair of shining crystal heels.

Her outfit was trendy and vibrant, and she looked refreshing.

“Why did you have such a late lunch?” Xuxu was still slightly in a daze when Su Yan stood next to her.

He peered at Xuxu’s food and a crease appeared in between his eyebrows.

Li Qian hastily stood up to explain. “Today’s food delivery was a little delayed since they were swamped with orders.”

Xuxu realized Su Yan was beside her and smiled. “I’m not that hungry, too.”

She picked up her spoon and scooped some soup to drink. She slowly ate her food, ignoring the client.

But the beautiful client didn’t ignore her. “Wen Xuxu, what a coincidence.”

Xin Yanting greeted Wen Xuxu and walked towards her. Her high heels produced loud thuds as she walked—no one could ignore her presence.

Xuxu slightly nodded and answered, “Miss Xin. It is indeed a coincidence.”

It surprised Su Yan. “You know each other?”

Xin Yanting crossed her arms and smugly lifted her chin. There was a light smirk that appeared on her face. “Yan Rusheng’s childhood sweetheart turned wife. And she almost became my cousin-in-law. Our ties go way deeper.”

Her high and mighty tone made Su Yan annoyed. He frowned and his expression darkened. He turned to Wen Xuxu. “Eat your lunch first.”

Then he spoke to Xin Yanting. “Miss Xin, let’s go upstairs to choose the style you want.”

Xin Yanting nodded and turned around in a huge stride. She followed Su Yan and walked towards the staircase.

Her high heels were exceedingly flashy.

Xuxu placed her cutlery down after Xin Yanting disappeared from sight. She frowned in frustration.

So the client turned out to be Xin Yanting. How small could this world be?

Li Qian stole a quick glance at Xin Yanting and inched nearer to Wen Xuxu. She whispered, “Sister Xuxu, that lady seems so arrogant.”

Xuxu smiled quietly as a response. She never enjoyed gossiping about others behind their back. Especially with a person she had just met.

And besides, who knew if this person would relay gossip to others.

“Do you mean that Wen Xuxu will design all my ten outfits?”

Xuxu could hear Xin Yanting’s sharp voice from the moment she set foot on the second level. She was not satisfied with her as her designer.

She halted her footsteps, and Su Yan’s voice sounded. “She is our fashion designer.”

He sounded unyielding and exceedingly firm.

Xuxu walked a few more steps towards her office and stopped once more.

Su Yan and Xin Yanting turned to look at her.

Xin Yanting turned her chin up as though she was despising Wen Xuxu. Her tone was full of contempt as she continued. “According to what I know, Wen Xuxu didn’t learn fashion design. After she had graduated, she started working at Flourish & Prosper and she doesn’t have any experience in design.”

She raised her eyebrows in displeasure. “Aren’t you looking down on me by getting her to design my outfits?”