Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Someone Is Coming.

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Yan Rusheng’s face split into a wide mischievous grin. “I’ll gladly welcome you into my arms tonight. You’re so petite and tiny. I’m sure I can withstand your strength.”

Xuxu had enough of Young Master Yan’s nonsense and poked his shoulders. “Hurry up. I’m starving and I want to eat.”

The smell of the food was enticing her.

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow with a seductive grin. “That urgent? Should I drive the car to a secluded corner and let’s try once in the car first?”

Xuxu became stony-faced. “Yan Rusheng.”

Hadn’t this fellow teased her enough?

Yan Rusheng saw that Xuxu was getting angry, and so he stopped. “Home.”

He was still carrying Xuxu when he turned to open the door. He then put her down.

He turned on the radio, and the channel was blasting an upbeat song.

Young Master Yan sang along in high spirits.

‘How can people fall asleep with this exciting music… Your unknown scent… alluring and breathtaking charm… killer heels have broken countless hearts…’

He rarely sang, but this time around, he was totally immersed in the song. He even moved and danced along to the music.

Xuxu watched his crazy antics, and it thoroughly amused her. “Stop being crazy and drive properly!”

Yan Rusheng kept a hand on the steering wheel while the other caressed Xuxu’s chin gently. ‘You’re too beautiful and no matter what it takes, I want to use bricks to isolate you from the rest of the world… My queen, I want to dominate your beauty…’

Xuxu grinned as she watched the man behave like an innocent and carefree child. She took out a bun from the bag and tried to feed him.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the whole dumpling.

Since there was gravy inside the dumpling, it had oozed out the second he ate it. Gravy covered his while mouth as a result.

Xuxu hastily wiped his mouth with tissues. “Eat slowly. Why are you behaving like a child?”

Yan Rusheng stepped on the brake without warning. But he still knew how to stop the car safely and gradually, and he had controlled the speed well.

He stopped the car by the roadside and it puzzled Xuxu. “Why did you stop?”

“Wife, I can’t wait any longer.” And the next moment, he hungrily pounced on her without waiting for a response.

His massive body was on top of her in no time, and he slid a hand behind her waist. Another hand grabbed the back of her head. He began kissing her urgently and frantically.

Xuxu widened her eyes in shock. ” How could he simply act on impulse?!”

“He must be out of his mind? We’re by a roadside!”

Her eyes anxiously darted left and right as cars passed by them. Was it really a good idea?

Yan Rusheng didn’t seem to have any intention of letting her go, for he had tightened his grip around her. Their tongues entwined, and he looked as if he couldn’t wait to bury her inside of him right there and then.

“Wen Xuxu, you’re too seductive.”

Yan Rusheng’s lips finally retreated, and he murmured such words to her. He then proceeded to kiss her once more without giving her any chance to retaliate.

His hands traveled down her body and underneath her clothes, exploring every corner of her body.

His kisses trailed from her mouth down to her chin to her neck, then to her collarbones.

“Yan Rusheng, we are on a public road, let go of me!” Xuxu was writhing and struggling to break loose.

The second she moved, the car jerked as well.

He had kissed her too passionately earlier on, and she felt her lips had burned and in pain. It felt swollen too.

But there was no way she had the strength to push the man away, and it made her frustrated.

” Thud, thud, thud.”

Someone was knocking on the window, and it made Xuxu jump on her seat. She rapped, “Someone is coming!”

She peered out of the window and nervously glanced outside as if she had just stolen something. A traffic police officer stood outside their car.