Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Why Do You Need An Hour?

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Xuxu instantly turned scarlet.

However, Yan Rusheng was still lazily resting against Xuxu and had his hand intertwined tightly with Xuxu’s. He looked exceedingly calm and unruffled in the midst of everything happening.

… completely ignoring the traffic police standing outside the car.

Xuxu angrily nudged him. “It’s the traffic police. Get off me!”

“Wife, we are legally married and not having any secret affair,” he drawled. He stretched his neck to give her a kiss and even licking her lips.

It frustrated Xuxu. ‘This fellow !’

She finally couldn’t take it any longer and blow up. She bit his lips as hard as she could; it gave Yan Rusheng the shock of his life.

Xuxu let him go only after she had tasted blood.

She opened the window and smiled at the traffic police. “Hi, Mr. Officer. What’s wrong?”

“You’re not allowed to engage in intimate behavior on the road. First, it’s unsafe. Second, it displays the wrong moral values to our society.”

“We…. no… we’re not…”

Xuxu’s face was boiling hot as she waved her hands frantically to deny his accusations. But the officer had already issued a ticket. He sternly said, “Besides, this is a traffic junction and no one is allowed to stop here. Here is your ticket.”

Xuxu stretched her hands to receive the ticket. Using the light from outside, she read the details.

‘Stopping on the road, engaged in intimate behavior.’

She frowned at the details on the ticket.

Xuxu implored the officer with no shame. “Hi, Mr. Officer, could you amend the details on the tickets? We weren’t engaged in any immoral activities. I swear.”

The officer looked unconcerned. He responded, “We have taken photos as evidence. If you have any disagreement, please follow us to the police station.

Xuxu awkwardly laughed it off. “It’s… It’s alright!”

If they really ended up at the police station, they would hit the headlines tomorrow with captions saying they had sex in the car.

Xuxu furiously gritted her teeth and turned to glare at Yan Rusheng. “It’s all your fault!”

Yan Rusheng feigned innocence.

He licked his bleeding lips, and his other hand still wounded around Xuxu’s waist, underneath her clothes.

Xuxu didn’t dare to say anything with the officer still lingering around. She had to endure his wandering hands moving around ‘indecently’ since he was her husband.

“We got it. Thank you, officer,” Xuxu said and quickly wound the windows up.

She turned around to lash out at Yan Rusheng with her claws bared. “The gamble has been declined! If you dare to continue fooling around, then you shall be a monk forever!”

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow. He drawled, “Do you believe that I will continue right now?”

He spun his head to look over his shoulder, only to find out that the officer was still around.

“Drive!” Xuxu yelled. She was livid.

“Don’t forget to be more proactive tonight.” Yan Rusheng grinned cheekily as he straightened his back before pressing the ignition button.

“What happened to both of your lips? Why are you both bleeding?”

Madam Mu Li, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, noticed their bleeding lips the second they stepped in.

The reason was too obvious, and Xuxu remained mum. She bolted for the staircase with her face flushed.

Yan Rusheng, who was trailing slowly behind, mischievously grinned. “We fought.”

Mu Li rose and walked to him. As she reprimanded him, she pinched him as hard as she could. “You wretched son. Xuxu is pregnant, and you need to know your limits.”

But she had the same sly smile as her son.

When Xuxu turned around, she caught a glimpse of the sly smiles on their faces. They were indeed, mother and son.

Yan Rusheng saw that Xuxu had already reached the second level. He hastily said to Mu Li, “Tell the servants to prepare food. We’ll be down in an hour.”

He hastened his footsteps and ran up the steps.

It puzzled Mu Li, so she asked, “Why do you need an hour?”