Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Did You Think Of Us?

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Yan Rusheng ignored his mother.

He caught up with Xuxu and dragged her into his room. He lifted her up before taking quick steps towards his bed.

“Yan Rusheng, we haven’t showered,” Xuxu whispered with a frown.

Yan Rusheng’s voice was hoarse. “I can’t wait any longer.”

He bent his back to place Xuxu on the bed, and he purposely brushed his private part against her thigh.

Xuxu instantly turned red and averted her eyes. She couldn’t bear to meet Yan Rusheng’s eyes at that moment.

She clenched the bedsheets with sheer nerves.

Could she? Could she really do it?

Xuxu repeatedly asked herself. She kept thinking it would hurt her babies as she had no prior experience. This was also the reason she wanted to sleep separately from him until she gave birth.

During pregnancy, it was definitely not wise to do it often.

What if… an accident happened?

Yan Rusheng gazed at Xuxu’s flushed face, and he couldn’t resist the temptation anymore. He climbed on top of her. “Wife, where is your initiative?”

His gentle and hoarse voice was full of seduction, and it made Xuxu’s hairs stand. Her long eyelashes were also slightly trembling.

She turned her head back towards him and soon fell into the depths of his gaze. “I…”

She opened her mouth to speak but the man’s lips came crushing on hers, sealing her lips.

Xuxu wanted to stretch her hands to push him away, but she had no idea why she didn’t do it. It seemed that he had beguiled her, and incredibly, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

This action had Yan Rusheng’s body tighten, and his eyes were blazing with excitement and urgency. His kisses became more passionate and lingering.

He used a hand to support himself while the other dove underneath Xuxu’s clothes. His hand traveled upwards, caressing every inch of her body which was exceedingly inviting him there and then. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Darling, be more proactive.”

Yan Rusheng continued to use his peach blossom-shaped eyes and hoarse voice to beguile Xuxu.

Xuxu was still very bashful but soon surrendered to Yan Rusheng’s bewitching gaze and eyes. Her hands began to slide towards his collar.

She mustered the courage to undress him and unbuttoned his shirt. Her slender and fair hands seemed like a perfect match with his crystal clear buttons.

Yan Rusheng thought how wonderful it would be if this pair of hands could undress him every day.

Evidently, Xuxu wasn’t that experienced in this area. She was badly trembling, and her movements were clumsy.

Yan Rusheng peered at her. He admired her hunger and with a playful smile.

“Don’t look at me,” Xuxu whined and stopped her movements.

Yan Rusheng wiped off his smile, and he brushed his lips lightly across her cheek. “Alright, I shall not look at you. Darling, just continue.”

He lowered his head to continue kissing her. He even arched his back to give Xuxu ample room for her to unbutton his shirt.

This was the first time she was helping Yan Rusheng to undress while he was conscious.

She was so shy and so embarrassed.

Her mind kept wandering to the past when he always mocked her for being unwomanly. And Yan Rusheng would always despise and grumble that about her.

Now they were so intimate… to such an extent.

She had no idea if Yan Rusheng would think of their past whenever they were so intimate with each other.

“Ah Sheng, were you reminded of our younger selves when we were engaged in intimate behaviors?” Xuxu blurted her questions before she could stop herself.