Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 863

Chapter 863 This Is My Seal

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After she had blurted her question, Xuxu felt like biting off her tongue.

Yan Rusheng raised a brow. “What did you say? Intimate?”

The corners of his mouth were not twitching, but rather trying to suppress a grin.

It had never crossed his mind that the reserved and reticent Wen Xuxu would say such words to him. Wasn’t it hilarious?

Xuxu pushed him away bashfully. “You’re teasing me.”

Ahhh. What did she just say? Intimate?

It was this fellow’s fault for‘infecting’her. He had always talked of such intimate and sexual stuff, and now she had been influenced.

“No, I’m not.” Yan Rusheng instantly shook his head. He said, “I will think of us and question myself with why am I so deeply in love with the stupid woman I’ve looked down on in the past? And why I kept thinking about sleeping with her.”

Then he made his intention clear by shaking the lower part of his body.

Xuxu was so embarrassed that she wanted to bite him to death. She glared at him. “Enough! If you want to do it, then do it now.”

Yan Rusheng widened his grin to show his rows of pearly white teeth. “I knew you couldn’t wait any longer, too.”

He straightened his back the next second and pulled Xuxu up with him. His hands went to her waist and tugged at her clothes. Within seconds, he removed all layers of her articles of clothing.

He flung the clothes away and scanned her attractive body from top to toe. “Baby. My wife.”

When a man is consumed with his desires, any form addressing his loved one wasn’t enough to express his love and desire.

He enveloped Xuxu tightly around his arms and bent to kiss her collarbones.

“Ah Sheng, it’s ticklish.” Xuxu writhed her body and giggled.

Yan Rusheng didn’t usually hear her laughter. At that moment, every inch and hair on Xuxu was exceedingly seductive and attractive.

Not to mention her clear and bright laughter.

“Wife, continue to undress me?” Yan Rusheng rushed her softly as his hands roamed on her back to remove her bra.

Xuxu obliged and continued to unbutton his shirt.

After she undressed him, he couldn’t stand it any longer and pushed Xuxu back on the bed. He entered her.

Because of Xuxu’s pregnancy, Young Master Yan felt that even doing it twice wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

But he had already drained all of Xuxu’s energy.

After lying together for a while, Yan Rusheng turned and landed on his feet. He tapped Xuxu gently on her shoulders. “Darling, let’s shower and head down for dinner.”

He still called her darling.

Xuxu hid under the blanket, feeling embarrassed. “I’m too tired to move.”

Yan Rusheng quipped. “Then I’ll carry you and provide a full set of services for you.”

He lifted the blanket and scooped the tiny woman up without any effort.

Xuxu caught a glimpse of her neck when she passed by the mirror. Since there were love bites all over, she punched him angrily on his back. “Yan Rusheng, you are so bad.”

How could she go out like this?

Yan Rusheng smirked at his masterpiece.

He loudly proclaimed, “This is my seal. And I want to cover your entire body with my seal.”

It had Xuxu dumbfounded.

This fellow had attained a brand new level of shamelessness. He was practically a hooligan and a rogue.

After showering, Xuxu changed into comfy loungewear. Although the collar was round and rather high, it still couldn’t hide the love bites above her collarbones.

She rummaged through her wardrobe for scarves before heading down.