Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Figure Out A Way

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Yan Rusheng already went down the stairs after he had showered and changed into comfy loungewear. He was in the living room talking to Yan Weihong.

Xuxu angrily gritted her teeth at the sight of him.

"Xuxu, why did you wrap yourself up so tightly at home?" Mu Li came out of the dining room and saw Xuxu on the staircase. She had thrown her a question, and there was an obvious puzzled look on her face.

Xuxu glanced at the scarf around her neck and smiled awkwardly. She shook her head and stammered, "Hmmm no Im feeling cold."

She couldnt even believe that she lied through her teeth. Even if she didnt mention the weather, how could it be freezing inside the house?

Their conversation caught the attention of the father and son duo. They turned around to face the ladies.

Yan Rushengs eyes gleamed with a sparkle at the sight of Xuxu.

"This son of mine must have gone overboard earlier on." Mu Li could see through Xuxus lies, for she was such a shrewd and experienced woman. She climbed the steps towards Xuxu.

She walked up to her and attempted to pull her scarf away.

Xuxu dodged and anxiously said, "Its alright! Ill just keep it on."

Then she lowered her head and scrambled down the stairs. She bolted for the dining room.

If she had known that this would happen, she wouldnt have put on the scarf. It was too embarrassing for her to remove it already.

Xuxu profusely perspired during dinner, and Mu Li couldnt bear to watch her suffer. "Silly girl, hurry up and remove your scarf. Youre going to have rashes."

Xuxu instantly refused. "Its alright!"

It would be even more impossible to remove her scarf now.

She shoveled the food hastily into her mouth and thought that after dinner she would dash back to her room.

Mu Li supposedly was going to nag once more when Yan Weihong threw her an impatient look. "She doesnt feel warm. Stop forcing her."

Doesnt his wife realize how embarrassed Xuxu was? And that she was making matters worse?

He peered at Yan Rusheng and asked, "Has your First Aunt taken any actions? Do you have any idea who she is selling her shares to?"

She held 30% of Flourish & Prospers shares. No any ordinary corporation would be able to purchase that.

The topic made the atmosphere strained and tensed. Xuxus hand slightly trembled, and she stopped chewing her food.

She lifted her eyelids and stole a glance at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng still wore a smile that she couldnt read what was going through his mind.

He replied, "She already made her move. Once we confirmed it, Ill let you know."

Yan Weihong nodded at his sons response and continued, "She had made up her mind to sell those shares, so we can only let her do what she wants right now. Youve just purchased those shares from the minor shareholders, so our funds will be limited. But we will figure out a way again."

He paused and raised his pitch. "We definitely cannot let those shares fall into an outsiders hands. Flourish & Prosper was founded by your great grandmother and great grandfather. And it had expanded and flourished under your grandmothers management."

He sounded determined and unyielding.

Xuxu felt like crying when she heard Yan Weihongs words. Flourish & Prosper was Grandmothers life. Even at her advanced age, before her untimely death, she was still worried about Flourish & Prospers future.

And 30% of the shares are about to fall into the hands of her most despised rival.

If she knew all these were happening, how sad and disappointed she would be.

She quietly watched Yan Rusheng, wondering how he would or should reply.

Yan Rusheng managed a fleeting smile and grunted a response. He lowered his head and ate his dinner.

"Im done. Ill go up and rest first."

Xuxu lost all her appetite and abandoned her chopsticks. She bade Mu Li and Yan Weihong good night and rose to leave.