Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Do You Regret?

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Mu Li watched Xuxu as she vanished out of sight. He turned to glance at Yan Rusheng as a thought-provoking expression appeared on her face.

She fell into deep thought. After taking a few more bites, she stood up to leave.

‘Knock, knock, knock.’

Xuxu had barely sat down on her bed when someone knocked on her door. She acknowledged it and the door swung open.

It was Mu Li. She straightened her back and quickly adjusted her emotions. “Mother.”

Her voice was slightly husky as she greeted her.

Mu Li latched the door after her and strode across the room. As she strode closer to Xuxu, she asked, “Xuxu, is something happening to the company?”

Her tone sounded certain.

Her question startled Xuxu. She asked Mu Li instead, “Why did you ask?”

“Who is intending to buy First Aunt’s shares?” Mu Li didn’t beat around the bush.

She had never thought of hiding the truth from Mu Li, although they intended to hide it from Yan Weihong with his health as their reason. Without hesitation, Xuxu answered, “Paramount. Jiang Shaomei.”

Mu Li’s expression darkened and cold fury could be seen in her eyes. “She has gone too overboard this time around.”

She rarely lost her temper.

Xuxu stretched her hand to pat Mu Li’s hand. “Don’t let Father know as his heart is still weak.”

“I noticed both of you being jittery and shifty earlier on.” Mu Li sighed and worry filled her eyes. “But he will know the truth sooner or later. He won’t be able to avoid this bad news, and I’m worried.”

He had major surgery, and the doctor gave strict warnings that he mustn’t be provoked.

And this matter wasn’t anything trivial since it was no secret that the old lady hated Paramount.

She frowned. “This Jiang Qinglian is too much! Even if she doesn’t care about the Yan family, shouldn’t she spare a thought for the old madam?”

Xuxu heaved a heavy sigh. “First Uncle’s shares are almost twice the shares of any of ours.”

First Aunt may have guessed Grandmother’s intentions, but no one knew the exact reason why.

Mu Li replied in an earnest tone, “After all, they are still her grandchildren. But she didn’t let them enter the family after they were born. She even forbade your First Uncle from meeting them. The old madam had tried her best and furthermore, this is your First Uncle’s mistake. Why should anyone else bear the brunt?”

Xuxu nodded. “Yes, exactly.”

But everyone had different perspectives and certainly, their opinions too.

Furthermore, Mu Li and Jiang Qinglian were so different in terms of their personalities. The way they would have handled the same problem would be entirely different, too.

“Just keep it from Father first. Ah Sheng and I will make a way to reduce the impact.”

“Okay.” Mu Li nodded. “He had expressed that he wanted to go back to work.”

Xuxu firmly shook her head. “He shouldn’t do that. He needs to recuperate at home. If Ah Sheng really needs help, I’ll go back.”

She had mulled over this on her way back today.

Ah Sheng had so much burden to carry, and he is fighting a tough battle alone at work. Although she might not be able to contribute much, she could at least offer him her care and concern.

Mu Li heard her and was extremely touched, but her heart still ached. She looked at Xuxu and asked, “Xuxu, do you regret giving up your studies?”

Everyone knew the reason Xuxu chose to give up going overseas.

Her reason was too heartbreaking. She felt that the Yan family had given her more than what she could ever repay them in this lifetime, no matter how much she had suffered and gave in to Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu shook her head and smiled. “No, I don’t. If I really left, I might have regretted instead.”