Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 866

Chapter 866 She Finally Understood

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But really, Xuxu wanted to thank herself for not giving up years ago.

“Third Yan must have saved a country in his past life to reap such a blessing.” Mu Li held Xuxu’s hand. “I will support you if you want to pursue your passion. After you’ve given birth, I’ll take care of your children on behalf of the old madam.”

She paused before continuing. “And, you need to believe in Xiaosheng. He will be a better husband, and he will love you more and support you in the years to come.”

Xuxu’s tears welled up. And since she couldn’t speak, she stretched her arms to hug Mu Li instead.

So many people loved her, so what does it matter if she abandoned her dream again?

We should give priority to the more important things. Wasn’t Ah Sheng the most important and indispensable person in her life?

When Xuxu reached her workplace the next morning, the door was already open. She saw Su Yan standing in front of the sewing machine.

She was pleasantly surprised to see him. “Su Yan. Why did you arrive so early?”

She asked as she walked towards him.

“I feel like chatting with you, so here I am.” Su Yan raised his head and smiled at Xuxu.

His smile radiated the usual charm and warmth.

It startled Xuxu. “Why do you want to chat with me?”

He had come so early, so there must be something important he wanted to say to her.

Su Yan shot an airy joke. “Don’t worry, I’m not professing my love for you.”

Xuxu was speechless.

Sometimes she really felt Su Yan and Yan Rusheng were quite alike. She wasn’t sure if it was just a feeling, or it was because they were related.

“What do you think of me entering Flourish & Prosper?” spoke Su Yan in a serious tone.

Xuxu widened her mouth in shock. “You… want to work at Flourish & Prosper?”

Other than shock, confusion overwhelmed her.

Su Yan placed the pencil he was holding on the table and pulled a chair towards him. He looked at Xuxu. “Yueyue said something to me last night.”

Xuxu asked, “What did she say?”

What could have Su Yue said that inspired him to enter Flourish & Prosper?

Su Yan answered, “She said, ‘Brother, actually the more we give in or suffer in silence, the more others will bully us. Do you think I’m right?’ 

He pressed on without giving Xuxu the chance to interrupt. “Actually, I’m not someone who likes to compete with others. I prefer to let nature take its own course. But this time around, I think I need to do something.”

Xuxu became nervous, and she narrowed her eyes warily at Su Yan. She had no inkling with what his plans or intentions were.

Su Yan sighed a sigh full of remorse. “Yueyue has suffered too much.”

“So what do you intend to do?” Xuxu frowned and her voice seemed alert and vigilant.

“Grandmother was very kind and benevolent. And up till this day, I could still remember her warm and gentle smile.” Su Yan reminisced with a tender smile on his face.

It was as though he was looking at Grandmother’s face right now.

It shocked Xuxu. ‘He had met Grandmother?’

Su Yue ignored Xuxu’s shock and continued on. “She said to me, ‘I believe that you will be able to take care of your sister. Even without anyone’s help, I know that you could soar to great heights and achieve something remarkable.’ That day in H City, there was a snowstorm. She gave me two scarves and two pairs of gloves. One for me and one for Yueyue, and it had my favorite picture on it. A sun…”

‘It had my favorite picture on it. A sun…’

Xuxu suddenly recalled a memory, and her eyes widened.

‘Grandmother, it’s getting warmer these days. Why are you still knitting a scarf?’

‘It’s a present.’

She didn’t understand at the time why Grandmother was personally knitting a scarf when she was so busy with work. Who could it have been that was so important that she was willing to squeeze in some time, despite her busy schedule, to craft a gift for someone?

She finally understood.