Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Grandmother Is The Person I Admire The Most

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Su Yan continued. “I realized that time that not everything you wish to do can be done. Similarly, you don’t need to have everything you like. Grandmother had a lot of difficulties.”

Xuxu’s eyes stung. Her voice sounded nasal as she spoke. “Grandmother is the person I admire the most.”

She just had that power to influence others. She was so kind and warm. She was gentle and benevolent and that made her character admirable.

It was as though she had a halo on top of her head. Despite not doing anything for them, she still won Su Yan’s admiration and love. Grandmother had portrayed such a loving and kind image to Su Yan and Su Yue that she even became his idol.

Su Yan cast his sorrow aside and cheekily smiled at Xuxu. “Do you think I will have a pleasant and happy working relationship with Yan Rusheng?”

“I think you will, but he…” Xuxu dragged the last syllable and shook her head with uncertainty. “Probably not.”

Even though he might seem happy working with him, he would definitely not express it.

“I share the same sentiments.” Su Yan solemnly nodded before grinning. “That’s because he will pale in comparison next to me.”

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. She warned, “Never say that with him around.”

He implied that Yan Rusheng wasn’t as capable as him. If Yan Rusheng heard that, given his arrogance and confidence, he would definitely be livid. He would surely think of methods to compete with Su Yan.

Su Yan quipped, “That’s a fact.”

Xuxu sneered. “The fact is that both of you are damn narcissistic.”

“That unreasonable and demanding woman, Xin Yanting, are you sure you can handle her?” Su Yan suddenly asked.

He pressed on. “Actually, I can reject her request and just turn her away.”

Xuxu rolled her eyes. “If you wanted to reject anyone, there wouldn’t be a need to ask for my permission.”

Yesterday, he witnessed how unreasonable and impatient Xin Yanting was. With his character, he would have done what he liked and that would be to reject the business deal. Why would he take measurements for her personally?

“You already knew that Xin Yanting is the young mistress of Paramount right?” Xuxu sounded certain and confident. “If I didn’t guess wrongly, Xin Yanting should be the person-in-charge from Paramount who is spearheading the purchase of Flourish & Prosper’s shares. Anyway, she would definitely have played a part.”

That day at the dining table, Xin Yanting had threatened Yan Rusheng so many times saying he would have regrets.

Their current predisposition was such a good opportunity to enter Flourish & Prosper and get close to him. How would she let it go?

Su Yan smiled but didn’t show his answer.

He certainly knew Xin Yanting’s real identity.

Xuxu shrewdly narrowed her eyes. She smiled as she watched Su Yan. “Are you thinking of seducing her?”

Su Yan frowned. “Did Yan Rusheng tell you that a woman shouldn’t be too smart?”

Xuxu burst out laughing and patted him on his shoulders. “Come on! Young Master Su doesn’t seem like the type of person who would make such a huge sacrifice. Besides, Xin Yanting has a huge crush on your Third Brother for years. Do you really think you’re more outstanding than your Third Brother?”

She fired on. “Do you think you are more gorgeous or more capable than him? Huh?”

She was indirectly praising her own husband.

Su Yan shook his head in amusement when he saw how protective she was. “If your husband was here, he would jump in joy.”

Xuxu didn’t deny and smiled instead. He was right. That narcissistic man was so prideful and her praises would do wonders.

“Actually, I’m here today to resign.” Xuxu hesitantly bit her lips.