Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Too Busy Until It Slipped My Mind

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Xuxu immediately responded, “It’s alright, concentrate on your work. I can have dinner with Su Yue. You come home early tonight.”

Yan Rusheng suddenly switched the topic and said, “But if you eat slowly, I may be able to rush back and grab a bite with you.”

‘May be able to rush back and grab a bite with you.’ He sounded as if they were hard up for his company. Xuxu smiled to act in tandem with his narcissistic behavior. “All right then, we shall eat slowly and wait for President Yan to join us.”

She added, “I will eat my lunch now. Not talking with you anymore.”

Xuxu was about the hang up when the man spoke in a playful tone. “Wife, give me a kiss before hanging up.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

‘This hooligan!’ She ignored him and hung up straight away.

But her cellphone vibrated again almost immediately. It was a WeChat message, and Xuxu looked at it. Yan Rusheng had sent her a short video.

The corners of her mouth unconsciously curled, but—

After she had launched her WeChat and watched the video, she wasn’t her usual self.

Her exquisite face instantly flushed a crimson red from her forehead to her neck. She was halfway through the video when Yan Rusheng followed up with a message. ‘Can you continue this way tonight?’

Behaving like a spoiled child.

Xuxu’s face turned black from crimson. She gnashed her teeth as she replied,‘When did you record this video?’

Yan Rusheng sent a tooth-baring smiley emoticon at the end of his message.‘The time and location were obviously that night when we were on the bed. Wife, your groans were music to my ears. I’m listening to it again through my earphones in the office.’

Xuxu almost wanted to smash her cellphone.

With trembling hands, she texted back. ‘Yan Rusheng, you’re such a pervert. If you don’t delete it, you’ll be dead.’

Young Master Yan calmly replied with a voice message. “I was thinking of uploading it on Moments to share with my friends.”

His attractive masculine voice was mixed with a burst of devilish laughter, and it drove Xuxu mad.

This chap had already reached the lowest level of shamelessness. Good heavens!

Was he the Yan Rusheng she knew?

When did he record this video? She didn’t remember him retrieving his cellphone midway.

Xuxu stopped in her tracks, for she was feeling distressed and upset over the video Yan Rusheng sent. She then heard Su Yan’s voice coming from below. “Not eating?”

Xuxu’s hands momentarily trembled with guilt that she almost dropped her phone. She immediately deleted the video and sent a text to Yan Rusheng . ‘If you dare to try anything funny, then don’t even think of harboring any future expectations.’

She had no doubts about Yan Rusheng’s words. He could do anything having no sense of shame.

Yan Rusheng sent over another text message, but she ignored it and shoved her phone into her pocket.

“Sister Xuxu, come and eat.”

Xuxu went downstairs, and Li Qian was standing at the staircase landing, welcoming her with a wide smile.

Xuxu also smiled and nodded in return. “Okay.”

Su Yan and Xuxu sat on the same row while Li Qian sat opposite them. There were three dishes and a soup for the three of them—all of which were Xuxu’s favorite.

Xuxu knew that Su Yan must have informed Li Qian about it.

“I have an outdoor shoot in the afternoon, and I’ll be back in the evening to pick you before picking Yueyue.” Su Yan hurriedly ate his food. He was wiping his mouth as he informed Xuxu.

Xuxu nodded with an ‘Mm’.

Su Yan stood up and left.

Li Qian, who was sitting at the opposite, stared at Su Yan’s tall and sturdy physique. The sight of him had her momentarily lost in thoughts before turning back to look at Xuxu. “Sister Xuxu, President Su is so charming, so his girlfriend must be very pretty too.”

“Erm. From what I know, he doesn’t have any girlfriend yet,” replied Xuxu as she broke into a smile. She then continued tucking in.