Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 870

Chapter 870 He Doesnt Have Any Girlfriend Yet

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“Are you serious? President Su doesn’t have a girlfriend?” Li Qian exclaimed with exaggeration before changing the topic. “Nowadays, the more desirable a person is, the later he will start a relationship, especially for good-looking and successful people like President Su.”

Every word of hers revealed her admiration for Su Yan.

Xuxu lightly smiled, as usual, showing no signs of surprise and didn’t look at Li Qian differently. As what she’d said, which woman wouldn’t fancy a desirable man like Su Yan? Be it his looks, built or career?

They were the best!

Li Qian’s voice sounded again. “But Sister Xuxu’s husband is also very good-looking and in no way inferior to President Su.”

When Xuxu heard Li Qian’s comparison, she broke into a wide grin before lowering her head. She thought, ‘If only Yan Rusheng heard about this.’

He would definitely sneer in disdain before starting his nonsense talks of how Su Yan couldn’t compare to him.

Seeing Xuxu’s smile, Li Qian thought she was just trying to please her, and so she spoke in a serious tone coupled with a frown. “Sister Xuxu, don’t laugh. I’m serious.”

Xuxu lifted her head and also nodded. “Mm, I also think he’s good-looking.”

‘So good-looking that both people and the Gods hate it, okay?’

Li Qian was full of envy and said, “Sister Xuxu is so blissful.”

Xuxu dismissed it with a laugh and bowed her head. Li Qian didn’t continue speaking as well.

Su Yue returned at about 5 p.m. and without stopping to rest, he fetched Xuxu before going to Flourish & Splendor to fetch Su Yue.

It was already after the school dismissal time and from afar; they saw Su Yue in her school uniform standing at the school entrance. There were wine colored borders on the sleeves, collar, and skirt of her white long-sleeved dress.

She stuffed her hands in her dress pockets. With her hair tied up in a ponytail, she stood there like a tiny little girl.

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth curled unconsciously. From a distance, she frantically waved at Su Yue in the car.

The car stopped in front of Su Yue and Xuxu got off to open the back door. She waved at Su Yue and smiled. “Quickly get into the car.”

Su Yue nodded her head and prepared to go in.

Suddenly, someone shouted her name. “Su Yue.”

Xuxu and Su Yue both looked towards the voice’s direction at the same time. Three girls and two boys were smiling and walking towards them.

Standing before them, a boy looked at Su Yue with an enthusiasm clear on his eyes. “I heard that you would be celebrating your birthday next week. Can we attend the party?”

Su Yue responded with an ice coating her words. “Cannot.”

The boy pursed his lips in disappointment while the girl beside him gloated over his rejection. “I’ve already told you but you still stubbornly insist on your way.”

The boy was already feeling embarrassed after being rejected by Su Yue, but after being further sneered at by the girl, he flew into a rage out of humiliation. He turned around and glared at the girl who laughed at him. “You talk too much, nosy parker.”

After that, he stomped off without taking a second look at Su Yue.

The girl dawdled after him. “Oh, look at him. A girl rejected Master Xiao, and he flew into a rage.”

The boy turned around and shot her a menacing glare. “Shut up.”

He further taunted, “You chatter on and on, and not the least bit behaving like how a girl should be.”

Hearing this, the expression on the girl’s face changed. “Since we were young, you have always been fierce towards me. Since you like Su Yue, I dare you to treat her aggressively as well.”

She quickened her steps towards the boy as she spoke. She then pummeled his shoulders with her tightly clenched fists before running off.