Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Precious Darling

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“Precious darling.” Yan Rusheng gave Xuxu a peck on her lips and finally relinquished his grip on her.

Xuxu’s hairs all stood up. She shuddered when he heard him address her as ‘darling.’

It sounded too mushy!

Xuxu turned around and smiled at Su Yue. “Why are you here? Have you ordered the dishes?”

Su Yue nodded and suddenly frowned as though she was annoyed.

Feeling perplexed, Xuxu asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Yue didn’t say a word and turned around to head back to their room. Xuxu and Yan Rusheng followed closely behind.

“The dishes are quite good here.”

The private room’s door was open, and Xuxu could hear a familiar woman’s voice. Her face instantly sank, and a crease appeared in between her eyebrows.

She glanced at Yan Rusheng by instinct.

Yan Rusheng threw her a helpless and innocent look. He put on an aloof expression and strode towards the room.

He stood there and emitted an overwhelming aura, and the room seemed to freeze in a matter of seconds. His malicious-looking eyes glared venomously at the woman sitting next to Su Yan. However, she seemed oblivious to his arrival as she savored the food in bliss.

“Xin Yanting!”

Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth, looking livid with her presence. His aura was overpowering.

Xin Yanting’s eyes darted towards him with a hint of fear. Nonetheless, she didn’t budge. “Yan Rusheng, why do you look as if you want to swallow me alive? I’m warning you. I might have suffered a fracture from the way you flung me to the floor earlier on. You can wait for the authorities to summon you for questioning if anything bad happens to me.”

Yan Rusheng ignored Xin Yanting’s threats and stomped towards her. He peered at her from a lofty position and yelled, “Scram!”

Why did such an annoying and bothersome woman appear in his life?

Xuxu could sense that Xin Yanting was fearful of Yan Rusheng as she observed her quietly from the entrance. She smirked and marched inside with a stiff posture. “Miss Xin is here to join us for dinner. Can you be more polite to her?”

She stretched to hold Yan Rusheng’s arm and pulled him to the other side of the table.

Yan Rusheng’s eyebrows knitted tightly together, looking thoroughly confused.

‘What is this dumb woman trying to do?’

Just when they had sat down, Xin Yanting spoke in a sarcastic tone once more. “Wen Xuxu, don’t pretend to be so gracious. Deep inside, you are very jealous of me.”

She threw Xuxu a contemptuous look as she lifted her chin with pride. Her slender, fair hand brushed her silky locks with sheer confidence.

Xuxu almost burst out laughing. Why should she be jealous? Was there anything Xin Yanting had that she needed to be jealous of?

She suppressed her laughter and nodded. “Yes, indeed. Miss Xin, I’m jealous of you.”

Xin Yanting sneered, appearing smug. “Seems like you know your status well. From tomorrow onwards, I will enter Flourish & Prosper and my office will be next to Yan Rusheng. I will be able to see him every day in the future and spend time with him.”

Xuxu softly chuckled. “Congratulations to you.”

Xin Yanting frowned in annoyance. “Wen Xuxu, what was that tone?”

Xuxu’s nonchalant attitude very upset and irked her. It wasn’t what she had expected to see.

Xuxu widened her eyes to display her innocence. “Can’t you tell that I’m truly jealous and envious?”

Xin Yanting raised her chin once more and her nostrils were almost facing the ceiling. “Stop pretending. I know you are cold, and you think of yourself as noble, but so what? 30% of Flourish & Prosper’s shares belong to me now. Hence, I’m also considered the boss of Flourish & Prosper in the future.”

She sounded confident and arrogant.

Xuxu gave her a thumbs up. “Boss Xin, you’re really admirable.”

“You…” Xin Yanting furiously glared at Xuxu. She could not control her anger any longer, so she slammed her chopsticks on the table.