Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 875

Chapter 875 What Future Do We Have?

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Xin Yanting originally wanted to provoke Wen Xuxu, but in the end, she failed. Instead, Wen Xuxu’s remarks got her riled up.

Xuxu saw Xin Yanting getting all riled up, and she cracked up in amusement. She expressed her concern and asked, “Boss Xin, anything else you would like to order? We can order more.”

Xin Yanting coldly curled her lips. “Wen Xuxu, just admit it. You’re feeling terrible now, and you can’t wait to kill me.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

‘Is this lady here a sadist? Why is she so intent on making me feel inferior and small?’

‘Hmph.’ The more Xin Yanting wanted to agitate her, the more she would not let her get her way. They must teach this spoiled and pampered princess a lesson so she wouldn’t be so haughty in the future.

She frowned and replied, “Murdering someone is a crime. Miss Xin, please don’t instigate me.”


Yan Rusheng, who was sitting beside Xuxu, and Su Yan, who sat across her, burst out in laughter at the same time.

Wen Xuxu was too shrewd and intelligent, while Xin Yanting was just too young and foolish in comparison.

As expected, Xin Yanting furiously blushed. She raised her hands with the intent to slam the table. Su Yan, who was quick with his reflex, grabbed her wrist and stopped her. “Miss Xin, didn’t you praise the dishes here?”

He glanced at her with a smile.

He picked up his chopsticks and put a salted prawn in Xin Yanting’s bowl. “You should eat more prawns since it contains protein. It’s good as it repairs tissues and your body needs it to function well.”

Xin Yanting couldn’t decipher the hidden message behind it. Instead, she felt touched. “You are so much nicer than Yan Rusheng.”

She stuffed the prawn inside her mouth and picked up another prawn for Su Yan. “You need it as well.”

This was returning polite gestures with one another.

It dumbfounded Xuxu…

While Yan Rusheng was speechless.

Was Miss Xin pretending to be dumb or is she truly dumb?

Su Yan’s expression darkened while Yan Rusheng curled his lips in satisfaction. Xuxu was just like him for she had suppressed a grin.

This was simply to give someone a taste of their own medicine and indirectly she had repaid him.

She was smart indeed.

Xin Yanting was thoroughly relishing her food. Other than Su Yue, the other three simply stared at her.

The only time she didn’t act like a spoiled rich lady was when she was eating. She simply used her hands to eat the chicken wings and prawns.

“Su Yan, do you have a girlfriend?” Xin Yanting glanced askew at Su Yan.

Su Yan asked her instead. “Are you interested in me?”

“How can that be?” Xin Yanting vehemently shook her head and turned towards Yan Rusheng. “I’m interested in Yan Rusheng only.”

Xuxu was getting immune towards her blatant displays of affections towards her husband.

Su Yan grinned and raised his wine glass. “Let’s toast to our future.”

“What future do we have?” Xin Yanting moved her face away from the food and stared at Su Yan with a confused expression. She contemplated and answered after a moment. “I already told you that I’m not interested in you. Stop wasting time on me.”

She seemed to be conveying how faithful and loyal she was.

Su Yan chuckled quietly.

He swallowed the words he wanted to say.

She was brimming with confidence, and he wondered how she managed to do that.

It thoroughly amused Xuxu the entire time.

She sat in the car as she glanced at Xin Yanting. She had placed her palm on her waist to suppress her laughter. Finally, she burst out laughing.