Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 876

Chapter 876 You Have A Great Future Ahead


She said, “Other than being dim-witted at times, Miss Xin is actually quite adorable.”

Sometimes, feeble-minded just like Su Yue and absorbed in her own world.

But between the two, one was outspoken while the other was quiet.

Most people would prefer quiet girls rather than a chatterbox like Xin Yanting.

Hence, everyone loved Yueyue while people loathed Xin Yanting.

Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows. “Wife, I can’t believe that you actually admired your love rival.”

Xuxu responded, “Why don’t you accept her? If so, Flourish & Prosper will solely belong to you in the future.”

Yan Rusheng nodded in agreement. “That’s a good suggestion. I can consider.”

A sinister smile flashed across Xuxu’s face. “Mm, you gain beauty with no effort needed. How wonderful.”

Before she could turn hostile, Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth and shot a menacing look at her. “Wen Xuxu, I’ll destroy you in bed tonight.”

It was already a Friday, and so early in the morning. The atmosphere in Flourish & Prosper was lifeless as if gloom shrouded the office.

The employees in the President’s office didn’t even dare to breathe aloud.

Even though news of Jiang Qinglian selling her 30% shares to Paramount wasn’t disclosed to the public, many had already heard about it from reliable sources.

There weren’t sufficient pieces of evidence of animosity between Flourish & Prosper and Paramount, but rumors had been spreading like wildfire.

That day, Paramount’s little mistress would bring her team over to Flourish & Prosper, and the fear in President Yan couldn’t be described using a square meter.

Everyone was behaving cautiously so as not to provoke the emperor.


The elevator stopped with a ‘ding’ and everyone one became nervous.

The elevator door opened and a group of people walked out. A tall lady led the group, and she was wearing a crisp white blouse and a knee-length black skirt. Her makeup was exquisite, and she looked capable and experienced.

Following behind her were two men in a white shirt and an equally capable looking lady in her thirties.

The entire group walked out of the elevator towards the President’s office and they had an imposing aura.

“Coming. Coming.”

The situation in the President’s Office was tensed to the point of snapping.

The woman’s 10cm high-heeled shoes produced loud thuds as she walked, and no one could ignore her presence.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Xin Yanting, the new General Manager of Flourish & Prosper. From now on, please treat me as one of you. I represent President Yan and he represents me as well.”

Xin Yanting stepped into the President’s office and surveyed the surroundings before announcing with dominance lacing her voice.

She could represent President Yan?

She sounded arrogant. In the past, only their lady boss could represent President Yan.

Everyone’s eyes were staring at Xin Yanting without blinking. They didn’t respond either but were polite and modest in their behavior.

Xin Yanting looked at the employees who were behaving like blockheads and frowned in annoyance. “What’s wrong? Won’t you welcome me?”

Hearing this, everyone one clapped and responded. “Welcome. Welcome. A warm welcome to General Manager Xin.”

Although it sounded fake, it was enough to satisfy the arrogant and pampered Miss Xin. She raised her chin and looked at the person who took the lead to applaud. “You have a great future ahead.”

Everyone was visibly stunned for a moment before sounding another round of raucous applause.

Xin Yanting smiled in satisfaction and said, “My treat tonight.”

Only a round of applause sounded from the floor, but no one answered her.

But to her, the applause was good enough.