Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 877

Chapter 877 Youll Meet Your Retribution


She continued walking forward to Yan Rusheng’s office and stood at the entrance, ready to open the door.

Qiao Jian appeared all of a sudden and stopped her. “General Manager Xin, let me inform the President first.”

Xin Yanting looked at him in annoyance. “Who are you? Yan Rusheng and I were childhood sweethearts. Do I still need to seek his permission to see him?”

She grabbed hold of Qiao Jian’s arm and roughly shoved him away.

Straightaway, she opened the door to Yan Rusheng’s office.

Yan Rusheng had long heard the commotion from his office. He was lying back lazily on his armchair, looking sullen.

“Yan Rusheng, I’m here to report for work.” Xin Yanting stepped in and strode towards Yan Rusheng in huge steps.

Yan Rusheng snarled, “Why did General Manager Xin come to my office instead of your own office?”

Xin Yanting walked over to Yan Rusheng and leaned against the table, looking at him with pouty lips. “It’s my first day of work, so aren’t you going to show me around?”

Yan Rusheng’s lips curved into a faint cynical smile. “General Manager Xin, you should look at yourself in the mirror more often.”

Xin Yanting knitted her eyebrows, bewildered. “What do you mean?”

Yan Rusheng smirked. “If you look into the mirror more often, then you’ll realize how big your face is.”

“Yan Rusheng!” Xin Yanting glared at Yan Rusheng indignantly and was getting ready to speak when Yan Rusheng cut her off. “I’m the President of Flourish & Prosper, so please address me as President Yan.”

His tone was decisive.

Xin Yanting raised her chin and mumbled in response. “Don’t be too smug. I am holding 30% of Flourish & Prosper’s shares so part of Flourish & Prosper belongs to me.”

Yan Rusheng’s face turned colder. “There’s no need for General Manager Xin to remind me. If there’s nothing else, get lost.”

It annoyed Xin Yanting. “Can’t you be more polite towards me?”

Yan Rusheng glared at her in resentment. “Don’t force me to call for the security.”

Xin Yanting fearlessly rebutted, “Yan Rusheng, I know that you can’t wait to snatch back the 30% shares from me and couldn’t accept the fact that the shares fell into the hands of Paramount. Your grandmother hated Paramount. If you want to take back the shares, there’s only one solution.”

Yan Rusheng kept his head bowed.

Xin Yanting continued, “You must divorce Wen Xuxu and marry me, and I’ll bring the shares as a dowry into the Yan family. There is no other way.”

Yan Rusheng gave a dry chuckle. “Xin Yanting, if you used your skin to build a wall, the wall would be too thick.”

After that, he stood up and grabbed Xin Yanting’s arm. Despite her shouting in pain, he hauled her to the door.

Not only was Xin Yanting’s arm hurting, but she had also sprained her leg. As the pain was piercing, she cried, “Yan Rusheng, you’ll meet your retribution for bullying me this way.”

Yan Rusheng ignored her tears and shoved her out of the door.

Xin Yanting fell onto the floor but he didn’t even bat an eyelid when he slammed his door shut.

Then came his chilly commanding voice from his office. “Qiao Jian, in the future, let no one into my office without my permission.”

Qiao Jian answered, “Noted.”

Xin Yanting gnashed her teeth and stared hard at Yan Rusheng’s office door. Her eyes were brimming with tears; it was indeed painful.

“Yan Rusheng, you’re such a bully.” She hugged her knees and wailed, not at all mindful of her own image.

The few people who came with her saw the situation and rushed forward to help her up.

“Missy, quickly get up.”