Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Strive For Decision Making Power

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With a twisted waist, she yelled, “Get lost! Don’t come and bother me.”

Her behavior was a disgrace. The middle-aged woman who shuffled to her feet and stood next to her. She shot a meaningful glance at the men. “Carry her away.”

With the approval from the woman, the two men bent down and carried Xin Yanting to the office next to Yan Rusheng’s.

That office was the one the elderly lady had prepared for Xuxu since before, but they had left it vacant for some time.

Qiao Jian saw them carrying Xin Yanting towards that office and immediately blocked their path. “General Manager Xin, the General Manager’s office is not located here. It’s on the lower floor. This level is the President’s office.”

As Xin Yanting was finding an outlet to vent her anger, Qiao Jian conveniently became her punching bag when he obstructed her way. She glared hard at Qiao Jian and hollered, “Who are you? How dare you block my path? Do you not realize that I can sack you right away?”

After that, she struggled to break free from the two men and jumped off. She put her hands on both sides of her waist like an arrogant bully.

Although Qiao Jian was only an assistant, he knew where he stood and who he was working for. He replied fearlessly and politely, “This is the Vice-President’s Office. General Manager has her own office.”

“I insist on having this office. What can you do?” Xin Yanting raised her chin and immediately displayed an arrogant and full of herself posture. She was ready to lift her feet to walk over.

She had forgotten that she had sprained her leg. As she took a step forward, she immediately bent over and groaned in pain. “Ouch.”

She squatted down to massage her twisted ankle.

The few people who came with her instantly squatted down. Worried, they asked, “Missy, what happened?”

“Aunt Hua, I’ve twisted my leg. It’s extremely painful.” Xin Yanting sat on the floor. Her tears seeped down her cheeks.

She felt extremely aggrieved.

As the little mistress of Paramount, she had been pampered since she was young, and she had never been treated with humiliation in any kind of manner.

As she thought about it, she threw some dagger stares at Yan Rusheng’s office. That haughty chap had known her since young. But after so many years, he pretended not to recognize her when they bumped into each other at the hotel that day. He even commented that she had poor taste.

Most importantly, he was the one who snatched her cousin Ah Heng’s girlfriend.

Suddenly, the doors to Yan Rusheng’s office opened and a towering figure came out. His chilly gaze met Xin Yanting’s ferocious stare.

“Xin Yanting, if you insist on making a din, I’ll give a President Jiang a call and tell her about it,” warned Yan Rusheng.

The moment she heard that Yan Rusheng had a plan to call Jiang Shaomei, an expression of fear flashed across Xin Yanting’s eyes. She bit her lips and hesitated.

“Missy, let’s go over to the General Manager’s office,” Aunt Hua whispered into Xin Yanting’s ears.

Xin Yanting nodded unwillingly. “Okay.”

The General Manager’s office wasn’t as huge as Yan Rusheng’s office, but it was still bright and spacious.

When they stepped in, Aunt Hua helped Xin Yanting to a chair to sit down before bending down. She then lifted her leg with one hand while the other hand massaged her ankle.

As she massaged, she advised, “Missy, don’t clash with Yan Rusheng. Although we have 30% of Flourish & Prosper’s shares, Flourish & Prosper is still under his control. What we need to do now is to understand the internal operations of Flourish & Prosper and slowly strive for the decision making power.”

This was their main objective for coming to Flourish & Prosper.