Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Very Serious At Work

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Xin Yanting knitted her brows and in response, she mumbled, “I hate that arrogant chap.”

Images of the haughty Yan Rusheng flashed across her mind, and so she clenched her fists involuntarily.

Aunt Hua raised her head and looked at Xin Yanting before turning serious. “Then let’s go back and get President Jiang to look for a replacement to assume this position.”

Xin Yanting angrily pouted. “Don’t want to. I want to break him and Xuxu up.”

“Missy, stop your nonsense. Our main objective is to gain power and long-term benefits in Flourish & Prosper.” Aunt Hua anxiously furrowed her brows.

‘This willful lass is obviously here to make a scene. What exactly is President Jiang thinking?’

Xin Yanting quipped, “I don’t care. I will definitely break them up because he broke up cousin Ah Heng and Wen Xuxu.”

She made it sound so easy to break one’s family up. Aunt Hua lectured her with a frown, “If Young Master Heng finds out, he’ll definitely give you a hard time.”

Xin Yanting got impatient as she listened and waved her hand. “Alright. Alright. Aunt Hua, don’t dissuade me further. This is my objective for entering Flourish & Prosper. You just need to report to my mother that I’m well-behaved here and very serious at work.”

After that, she moved her chair closer to the desk and rested her cheeks on her hands, which were perched on the desk, looking melancholic.

She was mulling over how to break up Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu.

Aunt Hua was speechless.

She had created a scene the moment she came and offended Yan Rusheng. Now she had to find a way to apologize to him.

Yet, she still had the cheek to tell her to give a good report to President Jiang so she could take some credit.

‘Knock, knock, knock.’

Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door. Aunt Hua looked at Xin Yanting and saw that she lost in her thoughts. She called out, “Come in.”

After hearing the response, the person outside turned the doorknob and pushed open the door.

A tall and handsome man stood at the door and bowed politely at Aunt Hua before walking in.

Aunt Hua walked forward with a smile. “Vice-President Su.”

Su Yan was wearing a crisp white shirt with both hands stuffed into his pants pockets. He looked tall and slender with a smile as warm as the sun. He was glowing from top to toe.

He caused Xin Yanting to snap out of her daze. Her eyes instantly sparkled as surprise caught her.

But the next moment, she reverted back to her haughty self. “Su Yan, why are you here?”

Su Yan continued to put on a smile on his face. “I heard that General Manager Xin twisted her foot, so I came to take a look.”

At the mentioned of her foot, Xin Yanting’s anger began to bubble in the pit of her stomach. “It’s all Yan Rusheng’s fault.”

Before she could complain further, Aunt Hua cut suddenly her off. “Thank you, Vice-President Su, for your concern. General Manager Xin’s foot is much better now.”

She looked at Su Yan and thanked him.

Su Yan replied, “I’ve learned Chinese massage before. Let me take a look at General Manager Xin’s foot.”

With that, he walked over to Xin Yanting and squatted down. Lifting Xin Yanting’s right foot with his hands, he asked, “Is this the correct foot?”

His pair of fair hands with clearly defined knuckles and long, sleek fingers were massaging Xin Yanting’s ankles gently.

His tender voice caused Xin Yanting to lose her train of thoughts at that moment. There seemed to be some magical power in him that melted her heart. Her arrogant behavior seemed to have disappeared, too.

She nodded. “Mm.”

Su Yan gave her a smile before looking down. A trace of coldness shot across his eyes but his hand movements were still as gently.

Aunt Hua, who was standing by the side, looked down at Su Yan and narrowed her eyes with a gleam of suspicion.