Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Are You Certain Hes Not A Good For Nothing?

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Yan Rusheng opened the front passenger seat door and said to Xuxu, “I’ll drive.”

Xuxu swiftly got off. All of them coordinated well and wasted no time in between.

“Don’t worry.”

Just before the car sped off, Yan Rusheng assured her.

The car had already vanished, but Xuxu still stood rooted on the same spot, looking worried.

How could she not worry?

She turned back into the house to prepare to change before she proceeded to the hospital. By then, all the servants had dispersed.

When she passed by the sofa, Xuxu glanced at the coffee table. She saw the newspaper headlines stating that Paramount had taken possession of 30% of Flourish & Prosper’s shares.

Xuxu eyelashes fluttered. What ought to come—had finally come.

They wheeled Yan Weihong into the emergency room while Yan Rusheng and Mu Li anxiously waited outside, pacing back and forth.

It was the country’s most well-known Heart and Cerebrovascular Disease Hospital. After Yan Weihong’s return to the country, they sent all his overseas medical records to the hospital for record keeping.

On their way to the hospital earlier, Mu Li contacted Yan Weihong’s doctor-in-charge, and the hospital had already prepared for emergency treatment.

There wasn’t a second to lose.

Mu Li looked pale and had her fingers interlocked.

Yan Rusheng walked up to her and held her hands. As expected, her hands were clammy and trembling. “Everything will be okay.”

He assured her.

Mu Li looked down and remained silent, for she knew that Yan Rusheng was also uncertain of the outcome and was as fearful as her.

“Mother. Ah Sheng.”

Xuxu rushed to the hospital after changing and went straight to the emergency room. When she saw Mu Li and Yan Rusheng outside the emergency room, she became increasingly worried.

And her anxious heart was almost in her mouth.

“How’s father?”

She walked over to them and looked at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng replied, “The doctor is still performing emergency treatment on him, and they’re not out yet.”

Then, he turned back and looked at the emergency room.

At that moment, the doors opened and Yan Weihong’s doctor stepped out. The three of them moved forward in unison. “Director Wang, how’s he?”

The doctor removed his face mask and replied, “He’s out of danger now, but he mustn’t get agitated again.”

What he said relieved the three. When they heard the good news, Mu Li wanted to go in right away, but the doctor stopped her. “He’ll be out soon.”

He had barely finished his sentence when a nurse wheeled Yan Weihong out.

Yan Weihong had already opened his eyes and when he saw Yan Rusheng, his eyes widened. “Third Yan.”

Yan Rusheng and Mu Li were standing on opposite sides. Mu Li grabbed Yan Weihong’s hand and broke down. “You wretched old man, you scared me to death.”

She seldom cried, but she knew that her tears were the most powerful tool to use on Yan Weihong.

When Yan Weihong saw her crying, he immediately stretched out his hand to wipe away her tears. With affection lacing his voice, he chided, “Why are you crying in front of the children? I’m not dead yet.”

Mu Li covered her nose and feigned disgust. “Your mouth stinks since you didn’t brush your teeth this morning, so stop talking.”

Everyone else was speechless.

But Yan Weihong didn’t feel embarrass and instead, he broke into a peal of laughter for he knew that Mu Li did it on purpose.

“I won’t let all of you worry for me again, you fools.”

He lifted his hand and patted Mu Li on her head. Love and affection filled his smile.

When a man truly loves a woman, he would forever pamper her like a child—like his daughter.

And he would try his best to shoulder all her pressures and fill her with nothing but joy and smile.

Aunt Mu Li and Second Uncle Yan fully exhibited this kind of love to everyone.

Xuxu looked on with relief and envy. “Father really loves Mother.”

A male voice sounded, and he mocked. “Are you certain he’s not a good-for-nothing?”